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According to the preliminary final result, the AfD in Schleswig-Holstein reached 4.4%. They are below the 5% mark and will not return to the state parliament.

The alternative for Germany loses 1.5 percentage points compared to the last regional elections. At that time, she got 5.9% of the vote. This is the first time in a state election that the AfD has left a parliament. According to the first projection, lead candidate Jörg Nobis still expected his party to enter Parliament on a long election night. But his party moved further and further away from the five percent hurdle as the evening progressed. He finally declared in front of the supporters: “We are out” and thanked the party members.

Nobis: position on arms deliveries costs votes

In an interview on NDR television, he tried to explain the loss of voice. Times of crisis are times of government. “Mr. Günther was able to benefit massively.” He also said: Internal strife is not liked by voters. The party and state parliament deputies were deeply divided. According to Nobis, his party’s negative stance on delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine has also cost voters dearly.

Former AfD voters voted for CDU and FDP – or not at all

For Increase in voters by infratest dimap, the AfD in Schleswig-Holstein lost votes to the CDU (9,000) and the FDP (6,000). Moreover, around 7,000 former AfD voters did not vote this time. In 2017, the party obtained more than 86,000 second votes.

The strongly divided AfD in the country

After 2017, the AfD was again with the Member of the Nobis State parliament during the election campaign. Above all, he promoted affordable energy. The AfD has long fought over the course and tone of state association. The conflict is so severe that there is currently only one acting state president. And the deputies in the state parliament are no longer a parliamentary group: a deputy has been expelled, a deputy has resigned. Nobis led the group of three remaining AfD MPs.

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A graph of the provisional final result of the 2022 regional elections in Schleswig-Holstein.  © infratest dimap

The provisional final result of the regional elections in Schleswig-Holstein is available: the CDU wins with 43.4%, the SPD with 16%. The Greens are at 18.3%. After

Daniel Günther (CDU), Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein and first candidate of his party, drinks a non-alcoholic beer at the election party.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa

The prime minister is looking forward to a second term after a landslide victory. All information in the blog to read. After

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The people of Schleswig-Holstein elected a new state parliament. In the NDR Schleswig-Holstein folder you will find current reports, videos and background information. After

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