Elden Ring meets Harry Potter: this mod makes it possible

There’s still a long way to go before Harry Potter fans can own the RPG Hogwarts Legacy, and the title’s recently revealed gameplay scenes haven’t made waiting for the open-world game any easier. If you also belong to that category of gamers who want to wave their magic wand in an open world, then you might be interested in this mod for From Software’s Elden Ring.

This Elden Ring mod sweetens the expectation of Hogwarts Legacy

There are already plenty of mods for the new title, including a Star Wars mod that turns Souls-like into a Darth Maul RPG. But in the world of Elden Ring there is also a huge range of different magics and even a gigantic school for all magicians. It’s no wonder, then, that a user by the name of “az3163393” has now created a crossover mod with Harry Potter.

The mod adds your favorite Harry Potter wizard to the game. His clothes replace the game’s Battlemage set, and instead of Torrent, Harry rides around on his trusty Nimbus 2000. Unfortunately, just like Torrent, the broom can’t fly. Harry doesn’t use any of the Elden Ring’s clumsy and rather large sticks (buy now €53.98 / €50.99), preferring to wield the Elder Wand, which is perfect for any player who likes to cast their spells with a small stick. The staff itself is available as a separate download from NexusMods if you don’t want to add the entire Harry Potter mod to your game.

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