Amira Pocher’s note annoys viewers

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató were able to enjoy a high score in the tenth show of “Let’s Dance”. Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenberg

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Three more shows, then the “Dancing Star 2022” is finally set. These five couples still have a chance to win the title: Sarah Mangione and Vadim Garbuzov, René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger, Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató, Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sándor Cseke as well as Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin. In the tenth edition of “Let’s Dance”, all duos must be on stage twice. In addition to the individual dances, the trio dance is also on the program today.

Before Amira Pocher danced a samba with Massimo Sinató and Andrzej Cibis, she first performed a Paso Doble on the dance floor. For her performance, Oliver Pocher’s wife received a proud 28 points. However, many fans in front of their home screens couldn’t figure out the note – for a reason.

28 undeserved points for Amira Pocher?

Last week, Amira delighted the jury with her “Magic Moment”. Her dance was about her non-existent relationship with her father, who left the family when Amira was three years old. After more than 20 years, she recently saw him for the first time. There were 30 points for the moving performance.

And this Friday too, the jurors were more than satisfied. Jorge González praised: “Amira it was very sexy, dramatic. I believed everything you did.” The tension between you was good, the intensity was good. Something happened last week. You came back stronger than before”, said Motsi Mabuse more than satisfied. And Joachim Llambi then judged:

“Truly a great drama, you are the queen of drama. When a dance like the tango or the Paso Dobl comes along, those expressive dances, you shine. There were a few mistakes, but it wasn’t that bad because it was like a play. You had us hooked, it’s wonderful.

Despite the “some faults”, Mr. Llambi allowed 9 points. This was met with incomprehension by many viewers. Mainly because Sarah Mangiones Charleston had only been criticized for “a few mistakes” before, but she still had to settle for 22 points. And after René Casselly’s jive, Llambi said: “You take the risk, but we also have to assess it when it goes wrong.”

Complaints then piled up on Twitter. “Dancing mistakes are always ignored by Amira, right?” a user commented on the social media platform. And another said: “Ah yes, with Amira, the few flaws of the little foot are not bad, but with others the errors are circumvented.” “Tell Amira that the show is great and that step mistakes don’t count, but criticize René’s steps, despite the mega show”was also a dissatisfied comment.

The one who naturally loved Amira’s dance was her husband Oliver Pocher. On Instagram, he wrote about his wife’s dance: “A solid performance from Queen Amira, and the samba is yet to come.”


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