Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: Key Week 4 Reveals

Johnny Depp libel lawsuit
Amber Heard’s shocking claims and key week four revelations

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court

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During the fourth week of the libel trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the actress herself took the witness stand.

It was the moment many had been waiting for: During the fourth week of the defamation trial in Fairfax, Va., Amber Heard herself took the witness stand and testified about her experience with Johnny Depp. But she wasn’t the only person on the witness stand. A summary of what happened.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard argue in court

Other witnesses in court included a Depp security guard, a former Heard nurse, and Michael Spindler, an accountant for Johnny Depp. Actor Jack Whigham’s agent, entertainment attorney Richard Marks and psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes.

After a psychologist hired by Depp’s team testified in week three and discovered that Amber Heard had borderline personality disorder, Hughes opened up about the actress’ mental state . Hughes described troubling situations Amber Heard brought to him during her marriage to Johnny Depp. The jury spoke of sexual abuse, emotional dependence and physical violence.

Meanwhile, Agent Whigham says Johnny Depp lost an estimated $22.5 million when the Pirates of the Caribbean films ended. Attorney Richard Marks said Amber Heard’s Washington Post article in which she wrote about domestic abuse was instrumental in Depp’s descent from Hollywood.

Amber Heard on the witness stand

Amber Heard’s statements were eagerly awaited. Asked by her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, the “Aquaman” actress retraced the beginnings of her time in Hollywood. How she only made little money at the time and changed on the bus for auditions. She also described how she met Johnny Depp after casting for his film project “The Rum Diary” and how he crackled while filming in Puerto Rico.

Heard specifically addressed the jury. Johnny Depp, meanwhile, didn’t stare at his ex-wife, stare at his notes, or occasionally turn to his lawyer. Of what is believed to be the first violent incident in their relationship, Heard said, “I’ll never forget it, it changed my life.” Depp allegedly slapped her three times for asking about her arm tattoo.

“He looked so sorry but I couldn’t forgive him because that means it’s going to happen again. I got up, walked to my car and didn’t say a word” , she recalls. During their years together, drugs were often the trigger for Depp’s violent escapades, Amber Heard reported. Plus, he was extremely jealous, she said, recalling a group vacation with friends at a trailer park. There the couple used drugs with their friends, Heard himself said that she ate mushrooms. When a friend laid her head on Heard’s shoulder, Depp reportedly panicked and twisted the friend’s wrist. Back in his trailer, the situation worsened.

drug-related escapades and violence

Depp was looking for her cocaine, Heard said, and allegedly accused her of hiding it. “He started touching me, he ripped my dress. He grabs my boobs, he touches my thighs, he rips off my underwear, then he does a strip search. He said he was looking for his cocaine, his coke,” she said. . “He just dug his fingers into me. I just stood there staring at the stupid light, I didn’t know what to do. He twisted his fingers. I didn’t stop him or anything,” sobbed- she. During their relationship, Depp was repeatedly violent, punched, pushed and threatened, Heard told the inquest.

On the second day of her testimony, the actress revealed more details. In 2014, Depp assaulted her on a plane under the influence of drugs when she wanted to change seats during an argument: “I can feel that boot in my back. He just kicked me I fell on the ground,” said Heard, who fielded questions from his attorney for several hours on Thursday and continued to hold back tears. Heard’s legal team showed photos of the actress, for example with a bruise on her upper arm.

Amber Heard opens up about Johnny Depp's alleged violent outburst in court

“Presentation of his life”

She also testified that Depp was pathologically jealous. A particular thorn in her side was actor James Franco, with whom Amber Heard had worked on a film.

Following Heard’s statements, Johnny Depp’s team released a statement indirectly accusing the 36-year-old of lying. “As Mr. Depp’s lawyers correctly predicted in their opening statements last month, Ms. Heard indeed provided ‘the vision of her life’ in her direct questioning,” a rep for the actor told the magazine. People. After a break in the trial, Amber Heard will return to court on May 16 with additional testimony.

The source: “People”


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