3D printing company BigRep presents a new application with BigRep FLOW

The Berlin 3D printing company BigRep presents its new Software as a Service (SaaS) product, BigRep FLOW, which is precisely tailored to the needs of each customer. It aims to dramatically simplify the 3D printing workflow by automating production processes. According to the manufacturer, customer experience in 3D printing or 3D CAD design is not necessary.


Big Rep logo3D printing company BigRep introduces FLOW, its new software as a service (SaaS) on its website, which aims to enable the creation of customer-specific 3D printable factory tools in just a few clicks. No 3D printing or 3D design experience is required. The BigRep FLOW not only offers automated design, it automates the entire application engineering process with a custom application to produce out-of-the-box tools, according to BigRep’s website.

BigRep FLOW Custom App

Every customer has unique needs, so the first step is for BigRep’s engineering team to learn more about the customer’s application. Together with the client, BigRep determines feasibility using custom references and qualifications to start the development phase. Through feedback and development iterations, a custom BigRep FLOW application is created that generates 3D printable tools that systematically get the client’s work done. According to the manufacturer, design setups for 3D printing speed and success as well as material cost reduction are optimized with BigRep FLOW. Customers can work faster, cheaper and easier with the tools they have.

In addition to the custom application, there are also a number of sample applications for creating factory aids and tools. Developed applications available include carriers and organizers such as custom trays, boxes, dividers, and shadowboards. Tool apps and factory helpers let anyone create complex parts instantly.

BigRep Flow Custom Application Example
With FLOW, BigRep presents a user-defined application that aims to significantly improve the 3D printing workflow (photo: sample application screenshot)(photo © BigRep).

Simple and user-friendly process

The cross-platform BigRep FLOW is accessible, including mobile devices. The application does not require any training as it is designed to be very user-friendly and simple. Users log in with their BigRep FLOW account to access an app library containing their custom apps and free sample apps. The user uploads a 3D file of an existing part such as a jig configurator for which BigRep FLOW generates a custom jig. The user configures the parameters in seconds and can order their 3D printed tool with one click in the application or start production on an internal BigRep 3D printer.

The entire 3D workflow can be replaced with BigRep FLOW, saving time and money. BigRep FLOW creates printable tools in minutes instead of days for instant results and rapid design iterations. The intuitive cloud-based user interface makes it easy to set up custom tools. Design changes are calculated in real time with instant visualization.

Voice of BigRep at FLOW

Doctor Sven Thate, Chief Executive of BigRep, said:

“We are excited to launch BigRep FLOW, our advanced workflow automation software that makes it easier to set up and build the factory tooling needed for production – faster and at a lower cost. With FLOW, we help our manufacturing customers adapt their operations to stay ahead of the competition. Our vision is to offer end-to-end solutions to our users. FLOW can be used with a qualified print service to turn an idea or need into a printed solution. When speed matters most, it turns our large format 3D printers into networked workstations for jigs and fixtures and more.

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