You can bear these costs

E-bikes and bicycle accessories, plants and garden items, classic hardware items, but also electronics and sports accessories – the list of products available in Aldi’s online store is now extremely long. Aldi is now planning a change in its online store, which many customers are unlikely to like at all. Because soon you will probably have to reckon with additional costs when shipping all goods from the online store. And they could not be cardboard when it comes to large and bulky goods.

The introduction of shipping costs has been announced

When Aldi put its online store on a new footing at the end of last year in order to combine the offers of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, it was already foreseeable that the introduction of postage could happen shortly. We reserve the right “to introduce shipping charges in the near future,” he said in the store’s FAQ collection at the time. Now that time had come. Anyone who clicked on the offers in the Aldi online store found the note under each product: “more. Shipping”. These clues have since disappeared. In a statement to inside digital, Aldi Nord explains: “Due to a technical error, a page was displayed in the ALDI online store which showed the shipping costs for our services. We immediately put this information back out of line after noticing the error.”

But it is obvious that it could soon be so far away. Because Aldi also knows the market and looks closely at the competition: “When the ALDI online store was launched last year, we stated in the FAQ that we reserve the right to introduce shipping costs for our services in the future. This is what we are dealing with at the moment,” explains the dealer. However, Aldi does not really want to be seen in the cards: “We cannot yet make any binding statements about the exact time at which the shipping costs and their amount will be introduced”, explains the press release.

It might come your way

However, the technical error shows what the shipping costs might look like. If you clicked on the link provided, a window opened in which Aldi went into more detail about the new shipping guidelines. It was indicated that shipping costs for items in the online store may apply, depending on the product and the type of delivery. At the moment this seems to be just an indication of the imminent introduction of shipping costs, but the direction is clear.

According to the list, the Aldi online store will charge 4.95 euros for each delivery, regardless of the product and the delivery method. If the goods are bulky, you will have to pay a fee of 9.95 euros in addition to the shipping costs. If a freight forwarder is required to ship the goods, the supplement to be paid increases to 29.95 euros. All in all, when shopping in the online shop of Germany’s best-known food retailer, you will have to reckon with additional costs of up to 34.90 euros in the future.

You will also have to consider shipping costs in the Aldi online store in the future.

Aldi copies Lidl

The prices chosen by Aldi are not a surprise. Because they are based on the costs that Lidl also charges its customers for shipping the goods. Like Lidl, Aldi will also be able to prepare for the fact that there will probably also be sales weeks in the context of special operations in which no delivery costs are incurred.

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