Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 02:46 air alert in large parts of Ukraine +++

Ukrainian War in Live Ticker
+++ 02:46 air alert in large parts of Ukraine +++

Air raid alarms went off in large parts of Ukraine on Sunday evening. According to the Unian agency, the capital kyiv and its surroundings were affected, but also Lviv in the west, Kharkiv and Donetsk in the east, Odessa in the south and other regions. According to local reports, explosions could be heard in Odessa. Initially, it was unclear whether this was Russian rocket fire or defensive Ukrainian air defense fire. There were also explosions in the southern city of Mykolaiv. Ukraine fears particularly heavy Russian airstrikes as part of the upcoming commemoration of the Soviet victory in World War II.

+++ 02:02 Germany increases emergency humanitarian aid +++
The Ministry of Development is once again increasing emergency humanitarian aid for Ukraine by half. “It is important to me that Germany not only supports Ukraine militarily, but also makes life more bearable for the people,” Minister Svenja Schulze told “Bild am Sonntag”. “We have now increased the emergency program for Ukraine from 122 million to 185 million euros. This will restore the supply of drinking water and rebuild destroyed apartments, schools and kindergartens. ” The SPD politician adds: “Other ministries give even more and we will do even more. Where the bombs no longer fall, Germany will also contribute billions to reconstruction. My department is already preparing for it.

+++ 01:17 London doubles military aid to Ukraine +++
Britain is providing Ukraine with an additional £1.3 billion (around €1.5 billion) in military aid, the government says. This almost doubles the amount pledged so far. So far, Britain has sent anti-tank missiles, air defense systems and other weapons to Ukraine. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will also meet representatives of major defense contractors in May to discuss a possible increase in production, it has been added.

+++ 00:28 Moscow: 1.16 million people brought to Russia +++
According to the Russian military, 1.16 million people have been brought to Russia from disputed areas of Ukraine since the end of February. This included 205,000 children, according to the Defense Ministry in Moscow. Since Friday alone, 18,580 people, including 1,840 children, have left Ukraine for Russia, says Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev. Russia sees it as the rescue of threatened civilians. kyiv, on the other hand, accuses Moscow of kidnapping people against their will and preventing them from traveling to territory under Ukrainian control.

+++ 23:48 Authorities report dead and injured civilians in Donbass +++
According to Ukrainian sources, at least six civilians were killed in the disputed regions of eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk. Twelve other people were injured, the region’s administrations announced in the Telegram news service. Among the dead are two children, who were reportedly killed in the village of Pryvillia under fire from several ‘Grad’ (hail) type rocket launchers. In a village near Lyssychansk, a bomb hit the school, under which was the last bunker in the village. About 90 people sought refuge there, according to the Luhansk regional administration. 30 people have been rescued, the rescue operation continues. No information on the dead and injured is given.

+++ 23:10 Azovstal: kyiv asks for help from Doctors Without Borders +++
Ukraine asks Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to evacuate and provide medical care to soldiers entrenched at the Azov steelworks in Mariupol. According to kyiv, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk wrote a letter to the management of MSF. The defenders of the huge industrial complex have been “under constant shelling and attack by the Russian army” for 72 days, and “for lack of medicine, water and food, the wounded soldiers are dying of gangrene and poisoning blood,” according to the statement of the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine. The organization should help soldiers whose “human rights are violated by the Russian Federation”.

+++ 10:20 p.m. Call for help from Azovstal fighters: “Hope for a miracle” +++
After the evacuation of the last civilians from the Azovstal steelworks in the port city of Mariupol, besieged by Russian troops, the Ukrainian fighters entrenched there launch an urgent appeal for help. The commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Serhiy Wolynskyj, writes on Facebook that he can only hope for a miracle. “Here’s to the higher powers finding a way to save us!” Mariupol has been under almost complete Russian control for weeks. Ukrainian troops are about 100 kilometers away and unable to help the remaining soldiers in the largely destroyed town. Observers assume that the Russian troops now want to take Azovstal as soon as possible so that they can announce the complete conquest of Mariupol. “I feel like I’ve ended up in a hell of a reality TV show where we in the military are fighting for our lives and the whole world is watching the interesting play!” laments Volynsky, 30. But: “Pain, suffering, hunger, torment, tears, fear, death – it’s all real!”. Additionally, Volynskyj posts a photo of himself in which he can be seen unshaven, with cloudy eyes and an apparently injured nose.

+++ 9:35 p.m. CIA boss Burns: Putin won’t back down +++
According to CIA chief Bill Burns, Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to push the war in Ukraine. Burns quotes the Financial Times as saying Putin is in a state he doesn’t think he can afford to lose. According to Burns, Putin is confident that with even more effort, progress can be made. The CIA director also claims that US intelligence agencies see no practical evidence that Russia is planning to use tactical nuclear weapons. However, this possibility should not be taken lightly. Tactical nuclear weapons or battlefield nuclear weapons are understood as nuclear weapons whose range and explosive power are significantly inferior to strategic nuclear weapons that can be used beyond a continent.

+++ 9:02 p.m. Arson attack on Ria Nowosti building in Berlin: Police warn against speculation +++
According to the police, the dangerous object found Friday in the building of the Russian news agency Ria Novosti in Berlin-Steglitz is an incendiary device. However, it did not ignite, said a police spokeswoman. Forensic technicians destroyed the incendiary device, no one was injured. According to the spokeswoman, it was initially unclear whether it was an attack. “There are also offices of other companies in the house. The context is not yet known, investigations are in progress”. In the evening, a tweet from the police in view of the find read: “Speculation is already circulating on the Internet. Please do not participate!” State protection assesses numerous traces and evidence, hears witnesses. “Prejudice now only encourages conflict, exclusion and hatred,” police said.

+++ 8:40 p.m. Russia reports attacks on Ukrainian airports +++
Russia claims that high-precision missiles destroyed Ukrainian planes at airports in Artsis, Odessa and Voznesensk regions. What exactly was destroyed in the process remained unclear at first. The Defense Ministry also said Russian Iskander missiles hit equipment destined for Ukraine from the United States and Europe near the city of Kharkiv.

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