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SV Darmstadt 98 made a mistake in Düsseldorf and are now dependent on support in the race for promotion from the 2nd league. The players suffer from frustration, coach Torsten Lieberknecht suffers because of a decision by the referee.

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After a Catastrophe Begins: The Lilies Make a Mistake in Fortuna

Darmstadt 98 Dusseldorf frustration

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Lilien’s coach Torsten Lieberknecht gave a rare insight into the inner world of his football team on Friday night. He reported at the press conference that there was a very depressed atmosphere in the cabin of SV Darmstadt 98 after the 2-1 loss at Fortuna Dusseldorf. “A lot of players cried.”

Werder and HSV can pass

The reason for the tears: With a win, Southern Hesse would have had the upper hand on the final day of the home game against SC Paderborn. In the event of a tie, third place and participation in relegation would have been manageable on your own. “Many people only know the Bundesliga from TV and have this big dream. I have to build it now,” Lieberknecht said. This great dream threatens to burst.

The next bad news came on Saturday afternoon: Hamburger SV won their home game against Hannover 96 2-1 and propelled Lilien to third place. Werder Bremen followed suit on Sunday – and overtook Lilien with a 3-0 win at Aue. Darmstadt 98 is fourth on the final day and needs a miracle.

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Lieberknecht in the HR home game!

Darmstadt 98’s promotion run is also a topic in RH’s home game on Monday night!. Coach Torsten Lieberknecht is invited and assesses Lilien’s chances for the Bundesliga. It starts on hr television at 11:15 p.m., the show is available on YouTube from around 9 p.m.

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Collective nervous flutter

But how could it happen that the lilies missed this great opportunity and did not set foot on the ground in Düsseldorf? Emmanuel Iyoha (3rd minute) and Matthias Zimmermann (10th) had already put the hosts ahead with two early goals, who in recent weeks have looked dismayed and completely overwhelmed by furious Darmstadt professionals. “I think a lot of people struggled with their nerves,” Lieberknecht admitted. “We were too emotional.” Diagnosis: exhaustion.

More than 4,000 Lilien fans in the outer block, with the prospect of the promotion party next week at Böllenfalltor in mind. There may be dizziness. “Of course the boys noticed what was happening. A lot of their legs were just weak, I saw that straight away,” Lieberknecht said. His young team showed a human and probably understandable reaction. In the race for a place in the Bundesliga, such nervous wavering is of course not beneficial.

referee criticism

In addition, Lilien, who also improved significantly in the second half thanks to a change of system and returned to the game after Tobias Kempe (60./foulelfmètre) scored a goal, had bad luck with the referee . When a big chance developed in a normal duel between Luca Pfeiffer and Christoph Klarer, he decided on an offensive foul and thus deprived the lilies of a huge opportunity to equalize. The ball even flew into the Düsseldorf goal, but the goal didn’t count.

“There is a clear objective. It is incomprehensible for me not to let the game continue,” said Lieberknecht, who again looked at the alleged foul on his smartphone immediately after the final whistle, then walked in leadership of the referee team with an increased pulse. , with referee Florian Badstübner. “Anyone who sees the scene doesn’t see it as foul play. But we have to live with it now and look to the future.”

Lieberknecht creates a team

Because, as we also see, the dream of promotion is far from over. The lilies recklessly gave away pole position, but the competition must catch up first. Werder Bremen host Jahn Regensburg on the final match day, HSV are invited to Hansa Rostock and St. Pauli are invited to Düsseldorf. “We managed to get back on our feet quite often,” Lieberknecht encouraged his team and his fans. “It’s an incredible journey behind us. But still ahead of us.” It is not finished yet.

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