The photo raises hopes for a sequel again

Will Titanfall 3 be announced and released soon? The pre-order boxes on GameStop would hint at it. But for the first time, they don’t show up.

Rumors about the development of “Titanfall 3” have sprung up more frequently in recent months and years. So far, Respawn Entertainment has not moved to confirm. And according to unconfirmed information, the responsible developers are at work in another first person shooterwhich is said to be at an early stage of development.

So won’t fans soon see a new episode of the Titanfall series? While the announcement is still pending, concerns a current photo for whirlpool. Apparently it was registered at GameStop Germany. The photo shows several games that can apparently be pre-ordered. These include “FIFA 23”, “Dragon Age 4”, probably “The Elder Scrolls 6” and also, unlike the other games, “Titanfall 3”, which has not been confirmed.

According to reports, “Titanfall 3” may actually be pre-ordered from the store. However, the client himself is not sure what the mysterious action is.

The preorderer who caused the photo to be published is quoted as follows: “The clerk told me it will probably come out in the fall, but it says on the box no release date announced, so I do not know. I’m still not 100% sure if I just got scammed out of my 10 euro deposit, but if others saw it too, there must be something to it. .”

GameStop reviews have been around for a while

Is this a real reference to Titanfall 3? Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that “Titanfall 3” doesn’t appear to be GameStop’s first appearance. Already more than two weeks on Reddit posted a picture. At that time, one user wrote: “Someone from Germany posted this 5 months ago, but without pictures. I think you can pre-order any game on GameStop, even if it’s not is not confirmed.”

With the reference mentioned, it is appropriate process this thread, in which a possible release period is even mentioned. After the local Gamestop employee in Nuremberg initially said that the title should have been announced already, otherwise GameStop wouldn’t list it, he would have looked at the system and seen the indication of a release in the fourth quarter of 2022 .

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“So is this just a gamestop promotion to get you to pre-order games, or do you think this is real confirmation for Titanfall 3?” so the user question. But the “Titanfall 3” box was also made in Switzerland apparently discovered.

Electronic Arts says so

Whether “Titanfall 3” will be released sooner or later is still an open question. However, publisher Electronic Arts spoke out last year, noting that this was a decision Respawn Entertainment had to make as the studio enjoyed creative freedom internally at EA.

“Apex Legends is set in the world of Titanfall, and the Respawn team is immensely proud of that legacy and that brand. This team will decide what the future holds for Apex Legends and Titanfall,” said Laura Miele, Director of EA Studios. at the time in the interview. Developers also want the brand do not give up.

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Titanfall 2 was released in 2016 for consoles and PC and enjoyed great popularity. The meta score of the PS4 version is at 89. The user score has stabilized at 8.5 based on over 2,000 votes cast.

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