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The newcomer among the Ballermann clubs: The “Stürmer-Arena” was only recently opened and could offer competition for the Ballermann.

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facts and figures

Address: Carrer de Miquel Pellisa 5, 07610 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

Opening: April 21, 2022

Owner: Stefan Stürmer and Gerlinde Weininger (owner of the “Münchener Kindl”)

Opening and owner

The idea for the Stürmer Arena developed after the appearance of Stefan Stürmer (45) in the “Münchener Kindl”. Owner Gerlinde Weininger had the idea of ​​opening a party venue in her name.

Shortly after the agreements, Stefan Stürmer took over a disco in the basement next to the “Deutsches Eck” with the managers of the “Münchener Kindls”. The rooms had been empty for more than eight years, so major renovations had to be undertaken.

After the modernization of the nightclub in 2021/22, the grand opening party took place on April 21, 2022. There were celebrities such as the naked model Micaela Schäfer (38) and the exBachelor Paul Janke (40 years old). Pop singer Ikke Hipgold (45) also celebrated his return to the striker arena.

size and equipment

Unlike the cult nightclubs Mega-Park or Bierkönig, the Stürmer Arena gives an impression of luxury at first glance.

on instagram subscribers could follow the conversion process. The cellar nightclub looks stylish with the use of wood, sleek sofas, and stylish lighting.

Inside the nightclub there is a show stage, a huge dance floor, several bars and a large VIP area. Including staff, up to 350 people can be accommodated in the striker’s arena.


The attacking arena does not want to attract “alcohol tourists”. Entrance fees for big events and strict bouncers should avoid this. Also, you don’t just have to play cliché Malle music.

A wide range of different musical genres should be offered in order to appeal to new and different audiences. Stefan Stürmer also wants to support newcomers and offer them a place for their performances.

Overall, the following should apply: quality before quantity!

Who plays in the Striker Arena?

Pop singer Ikke Hipgold will have more appearances in the striker arena in the 2022 season. Additionally, nude model Micaela Schäfer (38) and former bachelor Paul Janke (40) will also appear.

These acts are also provided for:

  • Ina Colada
  • Grandpa Palm
  • Smart Brown
  • mike sober

Paul Janke and Micaela Schäfer at the opening night of the Striker Arena on April 21, 2022Foto: BILD/Aresou Leisdorff

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Paul Janke and Micaela Schäfer at the opening night of the Striker Arena on April 21, 2022Photo: BILD/Aresou Leisdorff

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