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With a declaration of war on the CDU and a commitment to Hesse, Nancy Faeser has all but eliminated any remaining doubts about her willingness to stand as the top candidate in the regional elections. The good result of the elections to the party congress helps him.

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Nancy Faeser re-elected as SPD leader


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A lot is different this time around compared to two years ago in the dark multi-purpose hall of Baunatal (Kassel), when Nancy Faeser took over as head of the Hesse SPD. Once again, a state election led by the ill-fated Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel failed for the Social Democrats, and in federal government they struggled as junior partners in an unpopular grand coalition.

State parliament member Nancy Faeser took over in November 2019. At 88.8%, she scored a decent, but by no means enthusiastic result. After all, someone had to do it, and she had offered to do it.

This time the sun is shining at the party congress. This is mainly due to the fact that, despite the decrease in the corona pandemic, people gather under the roof of the stand of the Gaßmann stadium in Marburg to be on the safe side. But otherwise everything is different.

Optimistic to combative mood

The then deputy is now Federal Minister of the Interior, celebrated by her people. Discreet gentlemen with sunglasses stand to the right and left of the President’s dais, her bodyguards. And the mood of the Hessian comrades ranges from optimistic to combative. They want to make Hesse an SPD state again.

When Nancy Faeser finally has “My heart is in Hesse!” calls, the unspoken question is answered. No one at the Gaßmann Stadium in Marburg can doubt that she wants to become Prime Minister of Hesse. When she adds that she wants to fight “may Hesse blush again”, the applause in the stands of the stadium becomes rhythmic and the delegates rise from their seats.

desired signal

The desired signal comes out of this party congress: the Hessian SPD fully supports its party leader. And what’s more: While Nancy Faeser has so far avoided the question of whether she wants to lead the Hessian SPD as the top candidate in next year’s election campaign, she has more than clearly announced her right to do so on this sunny Saturday in Marburg.

The video greeting of Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz already gives the first indications of what moves the comrades at the state party conference. When he says that the war in Ukraine “cannot be justified by anything”, there is spontaneous applause. When he congratulated Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht on her excellent work, not a single hand moved in his own state association. And when he wished Nancy Faeser a result for her re-election as party leader “that gives you the support you can use for your work in Hesse and in the federal government”, the chancellor’s next sentences are drowned in applause .

As if the Chancellor were releasing her interior minister

Looks like the chancellor is giving her interior minister the blessing that she is trying to get back to Hesse. After 23 years of CDU-led state government in what was once Red Hesse, it would be a huge success for the SPD to take over the state. It would also give the Chancellor a tailwind.

But despite his now heightened awareness through the office of the Federal Minister of the Interior, despite his newly acquired government experience, this should be anything but easy. At the end of May, CDU man Boris Rhein is to be elected Prime Minister. “A transparent maneuver to get Boris Rhein’s job bonus,” says Faeser. The Greens will probably also present a strong candidate in the regional elections in the person of Tarek Al-Wazir.

Re-elected with 94.3%

As the leadership ballot opens, Nancy Faeser admits she is nervous. “Can we do something for you?” asks a comrade. “You can vote for me,” says Faeser. Your nervousness is useless. With more than 94.3%, it will do much better than two years ago at Baunatal.

She has it now in writing from her party that she is unchallenged as a leading woman. There are minutes of cheers and applause in the bleachers and the shout: “Let’s go, Nancy!”

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