Schalke 04: promotion to Bundesliga – police confirm injuries after party – Bundesliga


Schalke are back in the Bundesliga, turned a 2-0 halftime deficit against St. Pauli into a 3-2 victory and are the first to be promoted.

Schalke uses the match point thanks to an error from Darmstadt on Friday (1-2 in Düsseldorf). With the final whistle, the mega promotion party of the 62,000 fans in the sold-out arena begins. Royal blue sinks into a sea of ​​beer and happiness.

Welcome, Schalke 04!

Big emotions even before the match: On the 25th anniversary of the legendary Eurofighters, who won the UEFA Cup in 1997 against Inter Milan with a score of 4:2 on penalties, many stars like the coach of the century Huub Stevens (68) and “Battle Pig” Marc Wilmots (53) present. The game’s most spectacular scenes were shown on the video cube before the Eurofighter anthem was sung in front of the North Stand.

What followed was a real ascent thriller.

St. Pauli felt like they were in the lead before the game even started. Like two weeks ago against Bremen (4-1), the stadium roof must be opened at the request of the guests – and against Schalke’s wishes.

But Schalke is not initially discouraged by the discussion and has the first opportunity thanks to Terodde (1st). Then the double shock!

Matanovic hits the far corner of a corner – 1:0 (9th) with the first attack.

Then the flatter goalkeeper Fraisl gives himself a complete blackout, goes into the feet of Irvine, who redirects to Matanovic. The striker turns around Kaminski and hits the 2-0 (17th) directly in the heart of Schalke.

The Hamburgers are super efficient, turn two chances into two goals – and that despite big personal worries. At the start of the week, ten players tested positive for Corona.

The supposed goal of Itakura (23rd) is conceded by the VAR because of a handball.

Schalke missed a number of chances in the first half (13:4 shots on goal), had more time in the game, won more duels – but were still 0:2 behind.

After the break, the madness of the ascent.

The first top scorer Terodde reduced the penalty to 1: 2 (47th) with a penalty, before scoring the 2: 2 (71st) with a header – his number 28 and 29 goals of the season.

And of all things, the ex-Paulian Zalazar then lets the arena and the whole Schalke completely degenerate, knocks the ball standing on the lower edge of the crossbar and into the goal – the 3: 2 (78th).

Beifus (81st / red) and Matanovic (90th + 4 / yellow-red) still fly off the field.

But at 10:27 p.m. all the dams give way. SCHALKE IS BACK!


After the final whistle no one held back, and enthusiastic Schalke supporters rushed onto the pitch and a lavish royal blue party followed.

Crowds of fans rush onto the pitch, sit on the crossbar, cut up pieces of pitch and the goal net. Players and spectators embrace. Up to 30,000 fans celebrated with their team on the pitch.

Simon Terodde bursts into tears immediately after the end of the game and falls to the ground. The striker is hugged by the supporters and cries in his arms with his colleague from Sturm Bülter. Other players, coaches and employees are also crying. Emotions as far as the eye can see.

As a result, there are crowds in different places in the stands. Several people fell and were injured. They received first aid from rescue workers on site, then were transported by ambulance to nearby hospitals.

Police intervention defused the crush and brought football fans out of the danger zone. A police officer was injured in a scuffle with a Schalke fan and subsequent resistance at the Arena Ring. After that, he was no longer able to work.

Matthias Büscher (53), spokesperson for the Gelsenkirchen police at BILD: “I can confirm that there were several injuries during the storming of the square. The situation was confused for a short time. We cannot yet make a statement on the severity of the injuries.”

Pure emotions: Simon Terodde with tears in his eyes between fans after being promoted to the BundesligaFoto: Martin Meissner/AP

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Pure emotions: Simon Terodde with tears in his eyes between fans after being promoted to the BundesligaPhoto: Martin Meissner/AP

Sports Director Rouven Schröder: “It’s like a shock. It’s amazing what happened today. A big compliment to everyone at the club who believed in promotion and supported the team. We’re just delighted to to have succeeded. It had to be 2-0 down. We won the game with good reason because the team always believed in it. The climb is only pleasant for all involved. Schalke 04 is alive again. “

Dany Latza: “Tonight we turn night into day. Today it doesn’t matter, we’re going endless steep today. We knew what was going to happen in front of the stadium and in the stadium. We wanted it to be extreme and we forced it.

Coach Mike Buskens: “The feeling is amazing. It was our dream. We had to fight for it, you don’t get it for free. Huge compliment to the team. It’s amazing.”

There was celebration not only in the Veltins Arena, but also in the streets of Gelsenkirchern. Hundreds of fans gathered on the Schalker Meile to celebrate their team’s rise with pyros, drums and fan chants.

Schalke will definitely have a long night of partying tonight!

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