Regionalliga: scandal in the promotion game! Frankfurt and Elversberg only play both ways – FOOTBALL

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Scandalous game in the 4th league!

On the penultimate day of the Regionalliga Südwest, FSV Frankfurt and SV Elversberg delivered an outrageous afternoon reminiscent of the legendary ‘Shame of Gijon’. In the group stage of the 1982 World Cup, Germany led 1-0 against Austria. As this was enough for the two to progress, there was a non-aggression pact between the teams.

This was repeated now in Frankfurt!

On the board 15 Game. it’s 1-1 against the leader with twelve minutes remaining. When Großaspach scored 3-0 against Ulm in the parallel game, it was clear: Elversberg was practically promoted (three points and 19 goals better than Ulm before the last day) – and FSV almost managed to stay ahead (three points and 14 goals ahead of Grossaspach).

The scandalous result: both teams stop playing football!


After a 2-0 deficit
Schalke’s crazy promotion catch-up!

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Elversberg coach Horst Steffen (53) sends his team back to his own half. There, the Sarrois made the ball come and go for twelve minutes to the applause of their supporters (!). And Frankfurt is waiting on the halfway line. Incredible: No FSV player touches the ball until the final whistle!

The statements of those involved after the final whistle are almost even more outrageous.

Stefan: “It was clear that if we drew we were almost finished. It’s legit there.”

Frankfurt coach Tim Görner (26): “The draw was enough for us. Why should we attack there?

Naughty: During the outrageous non-aggression pact, FSV also tweeted about the scene, thanked Elversberg with the words “Foolish: Since ELV would have risen to the level of the current table and FSV was saved, the “ELV kept the ball in their own line for 7 minutes to run. Incredible scene! The stadium honors this with applause!

An extra slap for Großaspach, who despite his 3-1 victory no longer has any chance of staying in place: In the end, the two teams celebrate together. As the Elversbergers do not have enough beer with them, the FSV carries six boxes.

They are celebrating a black day for football…


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