Probably drunk driver: Transporter crushes first responders after crash on A3

Probably drunk driver
Transporter crushes first responders after crash on A3

Two vehicles collide on the A3 near Frankfurt Airport. Three men from another vehicle want to help, but are knocked down by a van which discovers the scene of the accident too late. One of the first responders dies instantly. The driver of the van was reportedly drunk.

A first responder was fatally injured on the A3 near Frankfurt Airport when the driver of a van crashed at the site of an accident. A total of eleven people were injured in the crashes, six of them seriously, police said in the evening. According to the first investigations, the driver of the van, aged 39, was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The fatally injured man was 33 years old.

The highway was closed from early morning until noon. A driver tried to escape the traffic jam and reversed into the emergency lane, a police spokeswoman said. He had been arrested.

First, around 4:30 a.m., there was a rear-end collision between two vehicles, police said. One of the cars – with a 38-year-old driver and a 42-year-old passenger – then skidded, collided with a guardrail and came to rest in the middle lane. The other car, in which two men aged 20 and 44 were traveling, also collided with the guardrail and came to a stop about 150 meters further on in the left lane.

The van driver noticed the accident scene too late

Moments later, the driver of a van pulled over on the hard shoulder. The three men in that vehicle, aged 21, 28 and 33, ran to the crashed car in the center lane to help it, he added. At this time, the van with five men approached. The 39-year-old driver apparently noticed the crash scene too late and rammed the car into the middle lane. He also captured the three assistants. The 33-year-old assistant died at the scene of the accident.

The autobahn was completely blocked from the Frankfurter Kreuz in the direction of Cologne. The four vehicles were towed, the three accident cars were completely damaged. Due to the large amount of debris, the road had to be cleared at great expense, so that the total closure could only be lifted gradually around 11.40 a.m. and the motorway was free to drive again from 12.25 p.m. according to the police. .

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