Pokémon GO – Sale of tickets for the Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin

Fellow trainers, the wait is finally over, as ticket sales for Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin have begun. From Friday July 1, 2022 to Sunday July 3, 2022, you can expect Britz garden a weekend full of adventures! What this means for you, we will tell you now.

Pokémon GO – live event at Britzer Garten Berlin

General Access tickets are available for €24.99** (including tax) and Early Access tickets are available for €32.13** (including tax). Tickets are limited and available while supplies last.

Trainers who purchase a ticket to Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin can expect the following highlights in the Britzer Garten:

  • Special Search in the Britzer Garden, which culminates in an encounter with Shaymin’s Zenith Form
  • Field research tasks
  • Pokémon GO debut of Shiny Grillmak and Tarnpignon during the event
  • Exclusive special edition Pokémon GO Fest 2022 t-shirt (only available during this event and other Pokémon GO Fest 2022 live events)
  • Autograph sessions with popular content creators
  • Four different habitats, two of which will be exclusive to the Berlin event, along with associated collection challenges and awesome Pokémon encounters:
  • electric garden: Hisui Voltobal, Wadribie, Tarnpignon, Eguana, and more Pokémon
  • windy coast: Perlu, Perlu, Sodamak, Fleknoil and other Pokémon
  • living meadow: Galarian Ponyta, Scyther, Yanma, Vegimak and other Pokémon
  • Molten rock: Koknodon, Grillmak, Pebbleling, Flampion and other Pokémon
  • Up to 6 special professions, less stardust per profession during the event period, trading post on the event website
  • battle arena for battles against other trainers
  • Surprising encounters on clichés
  • Lots of fun with Pokémon and other trainers

For all Trainers in Berlin, special Raid Battles will take place during Pokémon GO Fest 2022 from Friday, July 1, 2022 to Sunday, July 3, 2022. For example, Cresselia and Darkrai appear in Level 5 Raid Battles.


Tickets for Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin are now available!
There are two ticket options: General Access tickets are available for €24.99** (including VAT) and allow access to the event from 11am to 6pm (local time) on the day of the event selected.
Early Access tickets are available for €32.13** (taxes included) and allow early entry to the event from 9am to 6pm (local time) on the day of the selected event.

Tickets are available here.

Although Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin is a three-day event, you can only purchase a ticket for one of the days. Event gameplay is only available in the Britzer Garten Berlin and only on the day and time indicated on the ticket. Note: Event tickets are non-refundable (subject to applicable laws and exceptions listed in the Terms of Service).

Optional modules

For the first time, coaches now have the ability to add gameplay add-ons during live events. These add-ons can only be purchased with the ticket. A subsequent purchase is not possible. Additional bonuses are active from Friday, July 1, 2022 through Sunday, July 3, 2022, but are only valid for Pokémon GO Fest at the location indicated on the ticket. Add-on for raid enthusiasts (+ €10.06): With this add-on you will receive up to 12 additional raid passes from arenas per day, 5,000 additional XP after each successful raid battle, 6 additional candies and 3 extra XL Candies for catching Pokémon from Tier 5 Raid Battles. Add-on for Breeders (+€10.06): With this add-on, eggs hatch four times faster (not combinable with bonuses similar) and you get twice as much XP, twice as much candy, and twice as much stardust for hatching eggs.

There’s so much to discover – and Berlin is always worth a visit anyway, but especially from July 1-3, 2022. Explore our bustling and diverse capital while playing Pokémon GO!
See you in Berlin! Catch them all!’

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Pokeball Plus

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