MMORPG EVE Online turns Excel spreadsheet pranks into reality – and all gamers love it

The MMORPG EVE Online is jokingly called by some “Excel Spreadsheets in Space”. A feature was introduced in 2020 that lets you hide charts and really work in tables. Now comes an export function to integrate it into Excel. Players love this announcement.

What did EVE announce? Innovations for the space MMORPG have been announced as part of the current EVE Fanfest. An official partnership with Microsoft is included, which allows data to be exported from EVE Online and entered into Excel.

What appears to be a totally boring feature at first glance is frantically celebrated by MMORPG fans. Because the subject of data plays an essential role in EVE.

Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason said on stage:

It’s not an April Fool’s joke, it’s real. I do not lie. We actually [Microsoft] and they said, ‘Oh my God, we love Eve.

The Excel integration should make it easier, especially for small groups of players and beginners, to keep track of their own data.

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EVE Online turns the running gag into reality

Why is data so important? According to Finnbogason, many players are already using external tools to monitor their data. This is used to check things like resource production or trade prices.

Data has also played an important role in major wars such as World War Bee 2. After all, ships worth 800,000 euros have been destroyed.

Working with Microsoft and the Excel spreadsheet is therefore not excluded.

As early as 2020, a function was introduced with which you can turn off 3D graphics. Instead of showing a battle, the background just turns black and you can only access the UI and texts. But that’s enough, because the graphics only visualize what is communicated via the texts anyway.

How do fans react to Excel spreadsheets? Mainly positive. Hardcore gamers particularly appreciate the fact that they can export their data more easily and directly to Excel.

However, some criticize that the Excel spreadsheet was about the only good announcement at EVE Fanfest. There are reviews for, among others:

  • New content missing. Revisions were mostly announced, but no real innovations.
  • EVE is moving more and more towards scripted events, which a lot of hardcore gamers don’t like. In reddit it says something like, “EVE the hard PvP sandbox dies, EVE the living universe is born. But obviously it’s not the same game.”
  • The tweaks to the new player experience, while important to the game, have completely missed the die-hard viewers who attend such a fan-fest.
  • Lots of long presentations, but very little useful information.

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