‘James Bond’ star Clemens Schick: Ligaments torn while dancing naked

In James Bond he played the villain, in the “Barcelona thriller” Clemens Schick (50) is suing the criminals himself on Thursday.

The Berliner by choice draws his strength from the lonely expanse and his new life in the countryside in the Uckermark, where Schick has bought a house with a garden.

The actor loves gardening, as he tells BILD am SONNTAG: “I’m just learning how to cut trees. I’m groping my way to the so-called education section. I’ll only see in a few years if I’m there. will come.”

On May 12, Clemens Schick and Anne Schäfer (43) can be seen in Foto: ARD Degeto/Andrea Resmini

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On May 12, Clemens Schick and Anne Schäfer (43) can be seen in “Barcelona Crime” (8:15 p.m., Das Erste)Photo: ARD Degeto/Andrea Resmini

Schick has been a successful actor for many years. But how does he bear it when there is no offer? “It asks. But doubts push me, let me stay awake and seek. If you can no longer act freely, doubts are of course also harmful. I move between uncertainty, courage and a thirst for adventure. I have I’ve always worked with the Resistance in my life. The Resistance has mostly spurred me on. But I also find it naive and boring to complain about an actor’s life.”

Especially in the past two years, this life has not always been pleasant due to the pandemic. “I was in London for a long time last year and we were encouraged by production to isolate ourselves as much as possible. At one point I did a countdown and realized I had eaten alone 28 times in a row. Every time I entered a restaurant, I was already told: ‘Are you still eating alone on the terrace today?'”

In the past, eating alone in a restaurant was a tragic case. Shik smiled. “Yes. But if I can’t act because I’m sick, then the whole production stops. That’s why I have to stay in shape.”

This anecdote proves that he did not always succeed: “I made a film, ‘Servus Papa, see you in hell’. It is a municipality. And everyone involved lived and worked as a community. Tested freely on a peninsula in the Fulda, no one could get in, no one could get out, for the duration of the shoot.

Clemes Schick as Submarine Commander Johannes von Reinhartz in the series Foto: © Sky

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Clemes Schick as Submarine Commander Johannes von Reinhartz in the “Das Boot” seriesPhoto: © Sky

Sounds claustrophobic, right? Schick shakes his head: “Probably one of the best professional experiences of my life.

Except this one: “On the last day of filming, we shot a scene where I dance naked around the fire at night. Last day of shooting, last shot, really last take, and I twisted my ankle so badly that I tore all the ligaments in my right foot. He is whole again now. But I like getting lost like that, and then you pay a price like that. On some shoots, you’re like an insect circling around a lamp and you almost get burned, but only almost.

The star of
Photo: BILD

Schick’s commissioner in “Barcelona-Krimi”, which was watched by nearly five million viewers last Thursday, is also special because his homosexuality is not exhibited, but told as evidence. For Clemens Schick, released a few years ago, it was an explicit wish: “Actually, I would like my commissioner to be bisexual. It’s coming. But seriously. That was my announcement Her sexuality should be told so naturally that it’s not a problem.

The subject of war hangs over everything at the moment. Clemens Schick has performed several times in front of German soldiers, notably in Afghanistan.

How does he perceive the situation in Ukraine? “It is so important that we deal with the Bundeswehr and the soldiers and ask ourselves how our relations are with each other. And don’t just shout when we need the Bundeswehr. And now with events terrible things happening nearby, we are forced to deal with. In my opinion, society needs to be much more active in its relations with the Bundeswehr.

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