Is Laura Müller only on OnlyFans because of Michael Wendler?

Laura Müller: OnlyFans as the only career option?

Former wedding planner Timo Berger, to whom the singer owes around 30,000 euros, sees it that way. He even recently distributed fliers in the Wendler, Florida neighborhood that show Laura in suspenders and high heels in a lascivious pose (presumably from his OnlyFans account). The flyers say:

It’s your neighbor Michael Wendler. He sells his wife, who is 28 years his junior, on OnlyFans with pornographic images like these.

Will the neighbors intervene? Not clear. But Laura and Wendler obviously need the OnlyFans money. Because what the fallen hit star earns from bizarre commercials for canned bread or drinking water makers on his Teegram channel doesn’t seem like enough for the couple’s luxurious lifestyle.

There are no other lucrative sources of income. After the pop singer lost his DSDS jury post due to his wild corona conspiracy theories, other TV productions, advertising partners and other clients turned away from him and his wife. Instead, sit at 49 the creditors in the neck and the requirements are constantly increasing.

It’s also bitter for Laura: because at the time she was establishing herself as an influencer and could hardly save herself from bookings. But she stuck by her darling – apparently a mistake! The 21-year-old has already tried several times to get money via Instagram – without much success. The fans mocked, even the latest advertising partners have turned away. Even sweet snaps with his dog Tiger were no longer welcomed by his community to secure his and Michael’s long-term income. Attempt to start as petfluencer failed.

A similar fate befell Xavier Naidoo. He was also expelled from the DSDS jury by RTL, and he also spread corona conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic messages which cost him his once successful music career. But unlike the Wendler he has just rowed. In a video, Xavier purifies himself and asks public apology. Experts consider his intention sincere, but also believe that new music will be coming soon, which of course also wants to be sold. For Michael, however, this is not (yet) an option. Because he accuses Xavier on Telegram of treason. And so Laura will probably have to keep undressing…

Article from the current print magazine OK! by Julia Zuraw

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