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Qualification in analysis

We’ll do as we did yesterday and take a break from our ticker before coming back to you on Sunday morning to sort out the other qualifying issues as we see fit.

Of course, our portal goes a little further, and in 30 minutes Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will also be in touch on the YouTube channel with their big analysis of the day.

The following topics are scheduled for today:

– Leclerc on pole: how the result was turned upside down in Q3
– Mercedes: “Porpoising” is back!
– Bottas believes in a chance of a podium
-Vettel and Schumacher
– Alpine: Alonso and Ocon angry after qualifying
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Have fun and see you later!


Russell: Q2-Aus a ‘surprise’

After setting the best time of the day on Friday, the Briton did not expect to fail in Q2 today. “It’s definitely a surprise,” he admits, explaining that the Mercedes felt completely different today than it did yesterday.

“We had a lot of porpoises today and we don’t really understand why,” he wonders, explaining, “I was slower today than yesterday when everyone else was a second faster .”

So the W13 continues to ask questions – including internally at Mercedes itself…


Strategy remains a question mark

It is often already clear before the start what strategy the drivers will use in the race. In Miami, however, everything is currently still open. Even after Saturday, it’s unclear if we’ll see a stoppage or two.

“It looks like a double stop will be the fastest route,” says Pirelli’s Mario Isola. However, this is not certain. And if it were to rain tomorrow, all the calculations would be invalid anyway…


Special authorization for Ocon

To be complete: As already announced, the Frenchman has received special permission and can therefore participate in tomorrow’s race. In practice, he set lap times that would have easily been enough in qualifying to break the 107% mark.

Therefore, the exemption was only a matter of form.


Hamilton happy with P6

“The car is very difficult to drive”, remembers the record champion after 6th place today and reports: “A French journalist said to me: ‘You are not very efficient’. But I did Damn good job today!”

He was “satisfied” with P6, because more was simply not possible. “We don’t know why we [am Freitag] seemed faster than we actually are,” he admits. In FT3 they were once again quite late.

“We haven’t really taken a step forward,” he said. And given the circumstances, P6 is a good result.


Albon: Where was the rhythm?

He was always in the top 10 in FT1 and FT3. No wonder it was “frustrating” for him to only finish P18 in qualifying and thus effectively second to last place ahead of teammate Williams.

Albon admits he doesn’t quite understand what happened. “We were missing something in qualifying and we struggled to regain the performance we had in previous practice,” he recalled.

“The tires are incredibly sensitive and in combination with the heat here it is very difficult to find grip. We will look at the data in the evening and come back stronger in the race tomorrow,” said Albon.


Alonso: Q3 was easy

The Spaniard was already fuming about traffic immediately after the end of Q2. Now he explained again: “On the last attempt we couldn’t go around. A Ferrari was in the middle of the track in the whole second sector.”

“We lost four tenths there,” he explains. That would have easily been enough for Q3. This is “unacceptable”, he said angrily. But that doesn’t help, he will start from P11 tomorrow and, as we know, Sainz hasn’t been penalized either.


‘A joke’: Other pilots agree with Ocon

Let’s just go back to the concrete wall at turn 14. It’s not just Ocon who thinks the drivers should be better protected there. “It’s ridiculous, a joke,” says Stroll, for example.

Bottas also explains that there should be a TecPro barrier at this point. And Vettel recalls: “You don’t even have to fly. Tire damage can also occur, which is not your fault.”

It seems that there is still a lot to say.


Wolff: Red Bull and Ferrari too far

The Austrian does not believe that Hamilton will go so far from 6th place tomorrow. “To be ‘the best of the rest,'” he replies to ‘Sky’ when asked what Mercedes’ aim is in the race.

In the best-case scenario, both cars will finish behind the Ferraris and Red Bulls tomorrow, says Wolff. That would mean quite a catch-up for Russell from P12. Let’s see.


After the accident, Ocon is annoyed by the race director

The Frenchman takes the start alone in FT3. However, he is annoyed that there is a hard concrete wall at the crash site. “It was 51g and it shouldn’t have been such a hard impact,” he said.

Background: Sainz already asked after his departure on Friday for improvements to be made and a TecPro barrier to be put in place. “But nothing happened,” Ocon said angrily. It was “unacceptable”, said the Frenchman.

The accident was the hardest of his career – and completely unnecessarily.

11:57 p.m.

Marko: Ferrari can attack on the straights

What is still possible from the second row for Red Bull tomorrow? “We are eight km/h faster on the straight. That should give us a chance,” said Helmut Marko aggressively on ‘ServusTV’.

“We hope we can overtake”; says the Austrian and adds: “It will be crucial how the tires wear. None of us know, it’s a completely new surface.”

“The long runs […] are certainly not significant with four or five rounds. We have seen that the hard tire is very difficult to heat up. So there is still a lot of stuff inside,” says Marko.

So I hope it will be exciting!

11:50 p.m.

Leclerc: The lap was not perfect

He said that immediately after qualifying. In the PK of the top 3, he further specified: “From turn 1 to turn 8, the lap was quite messy and I didn’t really progress.

“I was able to save time in turns 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, but turns 1, 2 and 3 weren’t great. But that’s how it is. The second part of the lap of turn 11 at turn 16 was pretty good, and the last corner was good too.”

“In the end, it was a very good round,” said Leclerc. Verstappen could not improve at all on his final lap. Here is his mistake again in the video:

11:44 p.m.

Mercedes: went in the wrong direction

Yesterday it still looked like things could be going better for Mercedes in Miami. But today you lost another car in Q2. Toto Wolff explains in his media tour, which is currently underway, that it was once again the twist.

Yesterday was better, but then they made a small change that ultimately had a big impact. Today the porpoising was even worse.

And the result of that was again not being able to follow the top. Wolff explains that Miami is an “experimental weekend” again. Conclusion: “Yesterday was good, today not.”

11:39 p.m.

Vettel: ‘Too many risks’

The second German also failed in Q2 today. “I had a little corner [drin]and it probably cost a little more than the tenth I missed,” he said on Sky.

“I just took a little too much risk in the left corner, I had a little too much speed. I tried to brake harder, but it didn’t work. Then I ran out of road and then I was too late, didn’t reach the top,” he reports.

“It not only ruins the chicane, but also the corners that follow it,” he explains. Tomorrow, he will start the race in P13. He does not want to cancel any points yet. “We’re not doing so badly,” he says optimistically.

This was also demonstrated by teammate Stroll’s entry into Q3 today.

11:34 p.m.

The most important thing for Saturday…

… we have of course summarized this again today in a compact photo series. Click it!

Photo Gallery: Formula 1 2022 Miami: The most important thing about Saturday

11:31 p.m.

Schumacher: Problems with the tires

Let’s get away from the top. In Q1 things went pretty well for Mick with P11, but in Q2 he was 15th and last. what happened there? “Unfortunately we met [am Ende] just not improved with the new set of tyres,” he reports on ‘Sky’.

He explains: “The tire is quite difficult to understand. Because Miami is “different” from other roads. “As a result, we have difficulty not getting the tire temperature from the tires themselves,” he reveals.

“That means my tires were too cold on the first lap and too hot on the second,” he said. It will therefore not be easy tomorrow with the first points of the championship.

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