Dieter Bohlen surprises with his participation in the final

Dieter Bohlen reported to the “DSDS” finalists via video message.RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Germany has a new superstar: Harry Laffontien has won the 19th season of “DSDS” and succeeds last year’s winner, Jan-Marten Block. On Saturday, the circus artist won against his brother Gianni Laffontien and against the two finalists Melissa Mantzoukis and Amber van den Elzen. Its winning song “Someone To You” comes from “DSDS” judge and producer Toby Gad, who wrote and produced the track.

With this year’s season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, the first cast edition without Dieter Bohlen ended on Saturday. RTL removed him from jury duty for “DSDS” in 2021. Pop star Florian Silbereisen returned to duty this year. Besides Toby Gad, singer Ilse DeLange was also part of the jury in 2022. Bohlen wasn’t mentioned at all throughout the season, but in the “DSDS” finale, there was a surprising appearance from the titan of pop.

Dieter Bohlen: Indulgent words after ‘DSDS’ rejection

Before the finalists were allowed to present their highlight of the season in the first round of the evening, Silbereisen made an announcement: “There’s one of your big fans crossing his fingers and sending us a video.” That someone turned out to be Dieter Bohlen, who spoke a few words to the remaining four contestants in the video:

“I wish you all the best for tonight that you realize your dream. Just like the winner Pietro Lombardi did on ‘DSDS’. We released a record yesterday. It’s already number one everywhere. It’s exactly what which I wish for you all too.”

Dieter Bohlen was a juror from 2002 to 2021

Dieter Bohlen was a juror at the “DSDS” from 2002 to 2021.Image: Getty Images Europe / Florian Ebener

Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi’s new number one hit is a cover of the modern talking classic “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul,” which the two recorded with rapper Katja Krasavice.

In his video message, the 68-year-old also gave young talent some advice to take home with them: “It’s very simple: just be yourself and don’t pretend. Shoot it! Show people what you got. Then you can do it. Fingers crossed for you.” Bohlen’s unexpected brief appearance was rewarded with loud applause in the studio.

Joachim Llambi was guest judge during the final

Joachim Llambi was a guest judge on “DSDS” during the final.RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

And the viewers in front of the screens were also delighted to see the long-time “DSDS” jurors again. “Bohlen back to ‘DSDS’. Even though it was just a greeting, he was there and the applause was clear! Next year ‘DSDS’ like this year but with Dieter Bohlen”, wrote one user, for example. Others were also amused by Dieter’s video: “Seriously now? They used a rejuvenation filter there? Or did someone just parody Dieter and I don’t get it?”

Duel of brothers in the final of “DSDS”

After the first round with the highlight of the season, all contestants performed a new song, then the first decision was made: Gianni Laffontien and Melissa Mantzoukis were elected by the public. This only gave Amber and Harry the chance to sing Toby Gad’s song in their versions, which turned out to be very different. Amber’s version of “Someone To You” was a ballad, while Gianni turned the song into a fast-tempo number. After his performance, he said, “I sang for my brother. Completely touched, Gianni had to hold back the tears of the public.

Harry Laffontien is this year's winner of

Harry Laffontien is this year’s winner of the “DSDS”.rtl / stefan gregorius

Shortly before midnight, the result was finally known and moderator Marco Schreyl declared Harry Laffontien the winner. Along with the trophy and a recording contract, the 21-year-old can also expect a prize money of 100,000 euros. He already has very specific plans for the money: “A big plan is for our family to stay together and for us to settle down.”


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