Buy PS5 with “Horizon Forbidden West”: the sale is imminent!

Breaking: New PS5 drop expected today at Amazon

It’s almost unbearable. We’ve been preparing for the next PS5 release in a bundle for a few days now. come today, May 8finally that PlayStation 5 comes with Horizon Forbidden West game? Insiders and connoisseurs of the scene Twitter strongly believe in quick replenishment. Reason: a new Prime notice, which already announced the restocking of the digital PS5. By the way: Prime members have priority when purchasing.

Playstation 5 comes with “Horizon Forbidden West”

The popular “Horizon Forbidden West” and PS5 bundle is in high demand. No wonder – two crackers came together here. Many retailers, including Saturn, Otto and Amazon, are therefore trying to get the bundle now. Where are the odds? We tell you now here!


Most recently, the PS5 was available for a short time on April 28 in the Horizon Bundle with Gran Turismo 7 at Media Markt. Usually that was it PS5 release week! This week were already the PS5 Digital Edition on Amazon available, Otto and Euronics had the Playstation 5 Disc Edition. Come today a PS5 bundle at Amazon for?

Buy PS5 on Amazon

About this >>Direct link to the PS5 on Amazon you currently have the best chance of getting the Horizon PS5 bundle. Although the likelihood of getting one of the few PS5 consoles is significantly higher with a game in a bundle, Amazon is still good for a surprise. With great luck you can also get it as a single product.


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PS5 with “Horizon Forbidden West” at Saturn and Media Markt

At Saturn, the PS5 bundle with “Horizon Forbidden West” was sometimes in the lineup. What is the availability of the PS5 bundle today? Here for the direct link: PS5 Bundle with Horizon Forbidden West at Saturn. Alternatively, you can find the console at Media Markt in a bundle with Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

Buy Horizon Forbidden West on Amazon

“Forbidden Horizon West” is available now for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. Fans have been waiting a very long time for Aloy’s new adventure game, but now they can finally indulge in one of the best PS5/PS4 games. You can currently get the game in the Standard Edition and occasionally in the Special Edition exclusive to Amazon.

Good luck at OTTO: buy the PS5

If you’re really excited about the PS5, you should definitely be up to date on a PlayStation 5 restock on Amazon. But also the mail order company Fortunately, OTTO has the most popular console in its lineup today.. It’s worth taking a regular look at availability here.

The “Horizon Forbidden West” bundle on Amazon

With a lot of luck and a regular look at the offers, fans can also that “Horizon Forbidden West” Pack and Playstation 5 The console, which is also in high demand, is currently sold out almost everywhere, as is the bundle. Amazon has therefore taken it out of the range for the time being. But we are expecting a restock soon. Check this Amazon offer regularly.


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