AEW “Rampage #39” Results and Report from Baltimore, Maryland, USA as of 06/05/2022 (including voting and videos)

Source: All Elite Wrestling

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All Elite Wrestling “Rampage #39”
Location: Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
First broadcast: May 06, 2022
Spectators: approximately 4,400

It’s Friday, you know what that means! An hour of wrestling action awaits us at AEW Rampage, narrated by Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks and Chris Jericho.

Team match
Toni Storm and Ruby Soho won against Dr. Britt Baker, DMD and Jamie Hayter via pinfall after Toni Storm rolled up Britt Baker.
Duration of the match: 08h41
– Britt Baker had to put up with the “Pittsburgh sucks” chants.
– Rebel created a distraction so Baker caught Storm in the eye and held her back after a sliding lariat from Hayter. However, Soho threw Hayter at Baker, just breaking the pin.

Eddie Kingston calls Chris Jericho. He spent 20 years with his wife and she saw him in the worst condition imaginable, but when she saw him last week, she started crying, which amused Jericho. Kingston says it will be etched in his soul forever. Now things have gotten personal. Before hanging up, he promises to put Jericho to the test.

He goes behind the scenes of “Smart” Mark Sterling and Tony Nese. Sterling starts talking, but Nese interrupts his manager and asks how come he keeps trying to force his way on TV. Sterling would therefore like to request a match against someone who is undefeated, against an “idiot” that everyone likes, that they just can’t understand. Again, Nese Sterling cuts the word and resolves: He wants Danhausen! This match could be very nice… or very evil.

singles match
Hook defeated JD Drake via submission to Redrum.
Match duration: 01:26

After the match, Danhausen shows up back in the arena and compliments Hook on his work. He brings up Tony Nese, who challenged him to a match. With “Smart” Mark Sterling in his corner, Danhausen has an offer for Hook. He walks into the ring with him as the fans sing “Hookhausen” out loud and asks if he’ll stand in his corner accordingly! Fans shout “yes!” but Danhausen eventually hits Hook on the shoulder, prompting Hook to throw him to the ground. But Danhausen leaves a gift in the ring: a bag of chips with a bow! A birthday present, it seems, but Hook casually throws it to the ground after picking it up and ends up walking out of the ring.

Lexy Nair welcomes the two members of FTR backstage. Cash Wheeler says Dax Harwood not only beat him, but he will win next week and the whole tournament. Harwood, on the other hand, recognizes Cole as a great professional wrestler, but he doesn’t have the slightest respect for him as a person. In his match against Cole, he will again let out the “bad bastard” in himself and win the tournament – not least for his family and for Owen Hart’s family.

Singles Match – Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Qualifier
Riho defeated Yuka Sakazaki via pinfall after an inside cradle pin.
Duration of the match: 08h16
– The match was then graced with chants of “That’s awesome”.

“President” Shawn Spears addresses from backstage. He thinks he gave him a false sense of invincibility, but even Superman has his kryptonite. He made Wardlow feel like he was 50 feet tall, like he could trip any man. Yet for Wardlow the Giant, he announces that his kryptonite is coming.

Dan Lambert as “Hometown Hero” begins an in-ring promo about the “Baltimorons” ruining his town. “All Ego” Ethan Page explains that America’s Top Team had a meeting regarding the scheduled mixed tag team match. He accuses Sammy Guevara of sticking his tongue in his throat as having nothing to do with professional wrestling and announces that the tag team match will not take place. His daughter shouldn’t see this on TV anymore. But the ATT meeting calls Frankie Kazarian on the plan. He explains to Scorpio Sky that he’s always been his biggest fan, but now he’s his biggest threat and he’s claiming his TNT Championship match. Ethan Page chimes in, saying it’s okay for Kazarian to be dressed for a funeral since SoCal Uncensored is dead. Before things heat up even more, however, Scorpio tells Sky he’s a “fighting champ.” The fact that the TNT Championship passed like Tay Conti backstage is over once and for all. He challenges Dan Lambert to put his own belt in the display case and finally promises Kazarian his title match next week.

Jungle Boy approaches Ricky Starks at the announcement booth before the main event. Starks attacks him, so Jungle Boy retaliates and sends a shirtless Starks backstage. He grabs the FTW Championship belt, holds it briefly, then walks away.

Konosuke Takeshita says he respects Jay Lethal and is not afraid. Sonjay Dutt doesn’t really believe it. Jay Lethal also addresses Samoa Joe, again pointing out that he is the longest running ROH TV Championship ever. Not much more to say – IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

The following matches are confirmed for next week’s Rampage:

TNT Championship
singles match
Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

Singles Match – Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarter-Finals
Riho vs. Ruby Soho

singles match
Jay Lethal (along with Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh) defeated Konosuke Takeshita by pinfall after lethal injection.
Duration of the match: 09h34
– The crowd sometimes alternated between “Let’s go Lethal” and “Lethal sucks”.
– Takeshita hit a powerful lariat off the top rope but only got a two count with it.
– The lethal injection did not lead to anything; Takeshita hit his jump knee, but Dutt distracted the referee long enough to avoid a fall.

Sonjay Dutt mocks Takeshita’s announcement that he wasn’t afraid of Lethal and his comrades. They step on Takeshita for a while until best friends enter the arena in the form of Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor. Beretta and Taylor storm the ring, but are quickly knocked down by giant Satnam Singh, allowing Orange Cassidy to step onto the apron himself. He raises his arms in front of Singh, but jumps down before Singh can attack him. Samoa Joe, on the other hand, also has a say! Armed with a belt and a lead pipe, he heads for the ring, but is held back by half a dozen security and referees. Today’s show ends with a stare between Joe and Lethal.

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