ZDF presenter Jan Böhmermann raises serious allegations against Fynn Kliemann

Fynn Kliemann is a Youtuber, influencer and multi-entrepreneur. Image: dpa/Hauke-Christian Dittrich

In the current episode of “ZDF Magazin Royal”, moderator Jan Böhmermann made serious allegations against Youtuber and entrepreneur Fynn Kliemann. The 34-year-old is said to have massively deceived the public and fans with his mask business.

In his roughly 30-minute show, which was posted early on YouTube at midnight, Böhmermann revealed that the internet star’s face masks, which were supposed to be fair trade and produced in Europe, were actually made on a large scale in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Kliemann advertises with masks produced fairly in Europe

In spring 2020, at the start of the corona pandemic, influencer and entrepreneur Fynn Kliemann announced that that together with his business partner Tom Illbruck, he would bring sustainable and fairly produced masks to the market.

He announced that mouth and nose covers made by his textile company “Global Tactics” would be produced “fairly” in Europe and sold at cost. “This crisis is not about making money, it’s about helping as many people as possible who urgently need help,” he told the “Weser Kurier” at the time.

However, host and satirist Jan Böhmermann revealed on “ZDF Magazin Royal” that the information provided by Kliemann and Illbruck on the production sites is simply wrong – because these would not be produced in Europe at all, but on a large scale in textile factories in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Böhmermann team uncovers mask fraud

And the sale at cost price was also a lie: According to Böhmermann, the production costs were 45 cents – but “Global Tactics” sold the mouth and nose covers in their online shop for 2.20 euros. “Fynn Kliemann […] lied about his expected profit, deceived his customers and deceived the public and his fans”wrote Böhmermann and his team on the lmaafk.de site, on which Kliemann’s mask fraud allegations are documented.

Kliemann and Illbruck presented themselves to “Business Insider” magazine as “entrepreneurs who feel socially responsible”. They donated 100,000 masks to refugee shelters in Lesvos, South Africa and Bosnia – without mentioning that these were probably unusable and had been given to them for free by the manufacturer. “They presented themselves as benefactors with the defective masks,” the Böhmermann team continued to criticize on the site.

The Net is in turmoil – “racism”

The allegations against Kliemann have made waves since they were published by Böhmermann. The influencer was heavily criticized on Twitter: “If disposing of faulty masks costs you too much and so you donate them to refugee camps. Unbelievable…”wrote an outraged Twitter user.

“Racism also works in such a way that you can recklessly exploit brown and black people in the Global South while thinking you have moral integrity,” journalist Malcolm Ohanwe tweeted.


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