“The Kremlin still believes in success”: CIA boss does not doubt himself in Putin

“The Kremlin still believes in success”
CIA chief doesn’t doubt himself in Putin

While the British Secret Service sees Russian troops in their most modern units as massively weakened, CIA Director Burns sees no major sign of doubt from Kremlin boss Putin. It is different with the Chinese head of state Xi.

According to CIA chief Bill Burns, Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to push the war in Ukraine. Burns quoted the Financial Times as saying Putin is in a state where he doesn’t think he can afford to lose. The CIA chief spoke in Washington at an event hosted by the newspaper. According to Burns, Putin is confident that with even more effort, progress can be made. The east and south-east of Ukraine are particularly disputed.

Many people are currently eagerly awaiting Putin’s speech at the annual May 9 military parade in Moscow, and some pundits expect the war to escalate. The CIA director explained that US intelligence sees no practical evidence that Russia is planning to use tactical nuclear weapons. However, this possibility should not be taken lightly. Tactical nuclear weapons or battlefield nuclear weapons are understood as nuclear weapons whose range and explosive power are significantly inferior to strategic nuclear weapons that can be used beyond a continent.

Beijing studies lessons for Taiwan

According to Burns, the war in Ukraine has destabilized Chinese President Xi Jinping. On the one hand, this is due to the damage caused to the reputation of China as a result of the brutality of the Russian aggression against the Ukrainians, the newspaper continued, citing the head of the CIA. Other points are the economic insecurity caused by the war and the close ties between the West and the West. According to Burns, Chinese leaders are considering what lessons they should draw for Taiwan. But he doesn’t think their determination to take control of Taiwan has wavered. China regards democratic Taiwan as its own territory.

According to British military intelligence, the ongoing fighting is taking its toll on some of the most modern and capable units of the Russian Armed Forces. According to the Defense Ministry’s situation report this morning, it will take time and effort to rebuild the Russian armed forces after the end of the conflict. Western sanctions would make it more difficult to replace lost or destroyed modern war material.

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