Sarah Engels proudly presents her body: “Great feeling”

Sarah Engels was happy to be able to put her old pants back on.Image: imago images/Sven Simon

Last December, Sarah Engels and her husband Julian became parents for the first time with their daughter Solea Liana. The singer brought his son Alessio into the relationship from the relationship with Pietro Lombardi. On her Instagram account, the 29-year-old regularly takes her fans with her in their daily lives and always gives an overview of the changes in her body during pregnancy. Now the artist has shown in her Instagram story what she is particularly proud of.

Sarah Engels shows progress after pregnancy

The interpreter of “Te amo mi amor” was now in a good mood because of her. It also had a special reason, as Sarah proudly presented her with over 1.8 million followers that after the birth of her second child, she puts her old clothes back on. She says: “Guys, it’s such a good feeling. Now, after five months, I can finally put my old jeans back on. And the best thing is that the button closes and I can still breathe.”

Sarah Engels is proud to put on her old pants.

Sarah Engels is proud to put on her old pants.Image: Instagram/Sarah Engels

Her youngest child was with her as she spoke into the camera phone. “Solea looks at me and thinks, ‘Wow, is she stupid,'” she said, laughing as she danced with joy. At the end of December, Sarah was already trying to put on her old clothes. As the birth of her second child was only a few weeks ago, it hasn’t worked out yet. “I would say it’s still a little too tight. I have to wait a few more weeks. It was probably nothing,” she said at the time.

The singer became a mother for the second time in December 2021.

The singer became a mother for the second time in December 2021.Image: Instagram/Sarah Engels

More recently, Sarah Engels gave insight into the ups and downs of being a mother-to-be. “Guys, I’m so swollen, my whole face and fingers are swollen,” she lamented at the end of her pregnancy. In any case, she always underlined: “It’s simply the best gift on earth and worth every pound.” Shortly after giving birth, the artist made it clear that it was a dream to become slim and slender again quickly.


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