Putin’s Night Wolves Cross Town: Toggle Alarm in Berlin Regional

Difficult days cast their shadows, the wolves of the night are here…

Berlin- Only one week after May 1, the capital’s security authorities are again threatened with a state of emergency. More than 50 events are recorded around May 8 and 9 (the day of liberation and the day of the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht in World War II) – many of which have explosive potential.

To avoid further graffiti, the Treptower memorial is lit by police at night

Photo: party photo

► The first night wolves arrived on Thursday Berlin A. In Russian they are called “Nochnye Volki” and are considered Putin’s biker gang.

18 of the dreaded rockers arrived in the capital of Saxony in the afternoon with twelve motorcycles and a car. They first stopped at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, then they drove towards Tiergarten.

Russian rockers with a wreath at the memorial in Straße des 17. Juni

Russian rockers with a wreath at the memorial in Straße des 17. Juni

Photo: Sven Meissner

According to information from BILD, a wreath laying ceremony has been announced for Monday. According to the LKA, the individual claimant has a clear connection to the Night Wolves. Location: rue du 17 juin. Motto: “Honor the victims of war at Tiergarten”. A total of 150 motorcycles and cars want to come.

“Once again, our police officers are obligated,” Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) said ahead of the weekend. “It’s a difficult situation.”

Berlin Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD)

Berlin Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD)

Photo: Annette Riedl/dpa

Your authority follows developments and prepares for them as well as possible. Spranger: “The police expect a strong demand for forces, which will again require the support of colleagues from other federal states.” Around 6,000 police officers were already on duty in Berlin on May 1.

Spranger pointed out, “We are faced with the challenge of giving May 8, 1945 a dignified setting. At the same time, the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine should not be used as an instrument. We must not yield an inch to the endorsement of a war of aggression.

How does the home senator want to do this?

“The police provide for strict conditions – for example, the display of flags must be strictly limited, the white ‘Z’ may not be displayed,” says Spranger. “And we will make special conditions for 15 selected monuments and memorials.”

Police Thursday at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower - when the Night Wolves rode

Police at the Soviet memorial in Treptow – when the Night Wolves rode Thursday

Photo: Sven Meissner

Politicians from other parties also view the days with concern. “The only hope left is that it is not night wolves, motorcades or other Putinists who dominate the cityscape on May 8 and 9, but Russian war opponents and human rights activists. , Ukrainians and Belarusians, who also registered protests,” he added. Stefan Evers (42), parliamentary director of the CDU parliamentary group, told BILD. “In any case, the CDU Berlin will fly the flag against the war on May 8.”

FDP interior expert Björn Jotzo on BILD: “The Senate must ensure that there is neither incitement to hatred nor endorsement of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.”

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