‘Not the right time’ for feminist foreign policy

Dispute with Strack-Zimmermann

Alice Schwarzer: “Not the right time” for a feminist foreign policy

Although criticism of her open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz was strong, Alice Schwarzer stands by her call for no more heavy weapons to be delivered to Ukraine. In a dispute with FPD defense expert Agnes Strack-Zimmermann in the “Spiegel”, Schwarzer explained: “I am for us to try with all our might not to prolong this war indefinitely, but to invest in early negotiations so that this war can be stopped.”

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Learn more after the announcement

Strack-Zimmermann, on the other hand, was irritated by the attitude of the editor-in-chief of “Emma”: “I expected that you would now denounce the physical and psychological violence against women, the murder of soldiers , the bombing of a maternity hospital.”

Schwarzer told the politician that her magazine does just that. At the end of last month, the current issue of “Emma” published an article by Croatian journalist Slavenka Drakulić, who sees rape not as “collateral damage” in times of war, but as a weapon deliberately used and examines it in the context of World War II or the Bosnian War.

Learn more after the announcement

Learn more after the announcement

Strack-Zimmermann: It’s about defending democracy

With his call for a quick end to the Ukrainian conflict, Schwarzer wanted to put an end to exactly these “systematic wartime rapes in Ukraine”. “You’re driving your tank towards disaster at top speed. Can you pull the brakes, please?” Schwarzer appealed to Strack-Zimmermann. She wouldn’t, especially on behalf of the women, but Strack -Zimmermann replied: “I will not slow down the tanks, I will let them continue, so that this massacre ends.” Moreover, Ukraine is also to defend democracy and the free world. “Putin must not prevails here,” said the FDP politician.

Schwarzer was surprisingly hesitant when it came to feminist foreign policy. “I totally agree – since the 1990s, when the concept was developed. But I have to say: Unfortunately, now is not the right time,” said the feminist. She is embarrassed to talk about feminist foreign policy now because Ukraine is “too overwhelmed by unbridled violence and power.” Strack-Zimmermann thinks she’s just playing the game of men like Friedrich Merz. Schwarzer defends himself: “You speak of morality, which I live and represent of course, but I speak of realities and balances of power.”


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