New headquarters: Boeing moves closer to the Pentagon

Status: 06.05.2022 09:55

Aerospace and defense company Boeing is moving its headquarters from Chicago to nearby the US capital Washington. The company is thus getting closer to the Pentagon and the American aviation authority.

The American company Boeing is planning a new headquarters near Washington. The new headquarters is expected to be built at Boeing’s site in Arlington, Va., the company said. Until now, the head office was located in Chicago. The company said it would also use its Arlington campus to develop a research and technology center in the region.

proximity to customers

The new site is close to customers and partners and provides access to world-class engineers, said Dave Calhoun, CEO of Boeing. The US government is Boeing’s largest defense customer. The group still wants to remain strongly represented at the group’s former headquarters in Chicago and in the state of Illinois.

Nothing changes at the headquarters of the three corporate divisions: the commercial aircraft division will remain in Seattle, the services division in Plano, Texas and the armament and space division in Arlington, where the head office is now located.

Virginie wants to attract talent

For the Republican Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, this decision is a success. It started last year with a promise to bring new businesses and new jobs to the state.

“Choosing Virginia as the home state shows that the Commonwealth is the best place for aerospace companies,” Youngkin said. “I look forward to working with Boeing to attract even more talent to Virginia, especially given the state’s reputation for engineering excellence.”

2022 already more than a billion loss

With this move, the group also brings its top management closer to the US Federal Aviation Administration and the Pentagon. The relationship between Boeing and the FAA has been strained since two of the company’s best-selling planes, the 737MAX, crashed in 2018 and 2019. It took the FAA nearly two years to approve design changes that would allow the the plane to fly again.

The aircraft manufacturer had always had to accept massive losses over the past three years. In the first quarter of this year, according to Boeing, it has already made a loss of $1.2 billion. The corona crisis and the problems with the long-haul jet “Dreamliner” 787, which led to massive delivery delays, are responsible for this.

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