Need for Speed: Metro 2

from Alexandre Ney
It’s not only EA itself that is trying to pack the proven representatives of the Need for Speed ​​​​series into a modern appearance. No, the person behind the “2Unreal4Underground” YouTube channel is also busy bringing the popular Need for Speed: Underground 2 into the present day. A first video of the fan remake looks promising.

The 2003 released Need for Speed: Underground 2 in the Unreal Engine 4? It’s a cool idea, and the guy behind the 2Unreal4Underground YouTube channel is working on it right now. In a recently published video, the gifted programmer shows the beginnings of his work today. There, a blue car cruises downtown for a good 12 minutes and features powerful slides and cool drifts. But 2Unreal4Underground did more than chase the aged runner through UE4.

NFS: Underground 2 on nitroglycerin

Below said video of the UE4 remake of NFS: Underground 2 there are patch note-like notes explaining the individual changes. We have translated them into German below. The manufacturer has yet to reveal when the new edition will be ready.


  • Nitroglycerin (not used here)
  • Earn NOS by doing certain things (powerslides, crashes…)
  • Completely new steering
  • Optimized automatic transmission and clutch
  • Fixed slip ratio (no more stuttering)
  • Impact noises and flying sparks
  • Noise when compressing shock absorbers
  • You can hear the backfire
  • Turbo, engine and transmission sounds are ready and are selected according to performance increase
  • Radical change in driving behavior. It’s still under construction.

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  • audio zones
  • lobby areas
  • Named areas
  • Each island now has its own color palette


  • Graphics optimized for better performance and smoother overall look
  • Adjusted weather cycle
  • New textures
  • Added more missing stitches


  • Exchange system (you don’t see it, but it’s there)
  • Slightly optimized camera shake
  • Adjusted radial motion blur
  • Destructible environment (panels, water barrels…)
  • Music from UG1, UG2 and MW has been implemented
  • “Whoosh” sounds
  • New camera delay and rotation

user interface

  • Drift score counter and “good news”
  • Drift zones are used for additional multipliers with speed for drift score
  • The menus are a work in progress and partially functional, but are not shown here.

Source: via Dark Side of the Game

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