Mercedes-AMG “The Flip”: Will.I.Am becomes Will.I.AMG

Artist Will.I.Am has designed a unique coupe for Mercedes-AMG which will be presented at the F1 GP in Miami. But what is behind and below the model?

Under the extraordinary body of the unique copy is a Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupé, which became the project “The Flip” with design elements from the G-Class and the SLS butterfly. The American tuning company West Coast Customs, with whom Will.I.Am is working for the sixth time, is responsible for the implementation.

Design mix of SLS and G-Class

The relationship to the G-Class is directly evident at the front. Circular headlights with LED rings adorn the steep front, a new louvered grille and the new apron with spoiler lip round off the front design. The elongated hood with air vents is strongly curved, and the pronounced roll that extends from the headlights to the rear and on which sit the exterior mirrors is striking when viewed from the side. Large, almost completely closed light-alloy wheels run in the wheel arches, but the eye-catcher is the ventilation element behind the wheels, which extends to the rear fender. Unlike the front, the rear looks almost conventional.

Counter-openings and extremely long doors allow access to the One-Off. The interior is white and two panoramic roofs let plenty of light into the interior. The driver sits in leather armchairs with pronounced contours. The tuner left the drive untouched. Like the 63 S E-Performance, the AMG GT 4-Door gets 843 hp from the 4.0-litre V8 system in combination with an electric motor and delivers 900 Nm of torque. The model is in Germany from 197,599.50 euros in the price list.

WILL.I.AMG as a MINT project

However, the WILL.I.AMG should not be a pure marketing campaign. The artist and AMG see the model as a “visible symbol of Mercedes-AMG and Will.I.Am’s goals to boldly advance new ideas, push boundaries and dare the impossible.” What sounds like marketing jargon means in practice that the project can facilitate access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology).

All actions related to the sports car benefit the Will.I.Am “ Foundation”. “It helps create a pipeline of STEM talent that helps families and communities move beyond disadvantage,” says AMG. A six-part documentary recorded the conversion and construction, which can also be seen in Miami as a preview and will later premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition, William Adams, inspired by the AMG sound and the Mercedes star, created a new bear head logo. It is called “Bear Witness” and is also part of a limited edition fashion and accessories line. Part of the proceeds from the fundraising also benefits the foundation.


Nice action!

It’s just marketing!

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William Adams (47), aka Will.I.Am, is a tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, and member of the Black Eyed Peas. He has worked with AMG since the end of 2021 and is also a brand ambassador for electrified AMG models.


What initially looks like an aloof artist’s self-portrait trip turns out to be a charity campaign for underprivileged people to take a closer look. Nevertheless, one cannot help but suspect that there is also a bit of marketing and advertising behind it. But just believe in the good!

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