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The “King of Mallorca” Jürgen Drews is one of Germany’s most successful stars. His successes are looping at Ballermann.

After numerous performances in Mallorca, the 77-year-old announced in 2021 that he would no longer be performing on the island for the time being. But in 2022 it will be: 50 years of Ballermann! Can we therefore expect a return of the singer?

On the occasion of the anniversary, you can read about the successes and the future of the successful icon at BILD. All information about Jürgen Drews is available here!


Surname: Jürgen Ludwig Drews

Date of Birth: April 2, 1945 in Nauen

Residence: Majorca and Schleswig (Schleswig-Holstein)

Job: croon

Relationship status: Married to Ramona Drews (48)

Popular songs: “A Bed in the Cornfield” (1976) or “King of Mallorca” (2000)

The way to the top

The successful star was born in 1945 in the small town of Nauen in Brandenburg. In his youth he lived in Schleswig (Schleswig-Holstein). His musical career began there at an early age: he made his first performances in a hotel. At the age of 15, he even received a music award.

By the way: Drews tried his hand at medicine after graduating from high school! In the fall of 1967, he enrolled to study medicine. After four semesters, however, he abandoned his studies to devote himself entirely to music.

Jürgen Drews made his breakthrough in 1976 with the hit “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”. Since then he has been a welcome guest singer on the ZDF hit parade.

Also interesting: After his breakthrough in Germany, Jürgen Drews also tried his hand in the USA. There, he released a record in 1980, but it did not bring the expected success.

Jürgen Drews 2018 at the show Foto: Fredrik von Erichsen

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Jürgen Drews 2018 in the “TV Garden”Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

Shortly after reunification, the musician returned to Germany. There he became a music producer and hit parade host. At that time he already had some performances in Mallorca. In 1999, Thomas Gottschalk called Drews the “King of Mallorca” and used that title: he quickly established himself as a hit star on Ballermann.

Since then he has traveled extensively in Mallorca, both professionally and privately. He even opened his own bistro on the island with a partner. Of course with the name “King of Majorca”. However, due to the corona pandemic, the restaurant had to close in 2020.

The pop icon is a family man

Jürgen Drews has been married twice so far. Corinna Drews was his first wife: the marriage lasted from 1981 to 1985. Their son Fabian Drews was born in 1981.

In 1994, the pop singer married his current wife Ramona Drews (48). His daughter Joelina Drews (26) was born a year after the wedding. . She is also a singer, sings in German, but tries to stand out from her father’s style of music by adopting a more modern style!

Papa Jürgen and his mother Ramona are there when Joelina Drews (26) shoots the videoFoto: Andreas Arnold

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Of course, Papa Jürgen and his mother Ramona are also there when Joelina Drews (26) shoots the video!Photo: Andrew Arnold

The Drews family also likes to be seen in private: in 2003, the docu-series “The Drews – A Terrible Nice Family” was broadcast on RTL2.

His wife Ramona has been with the pop star for over 20 years. The two are still a well-established team, even if the age difference is relatively large: Ramona and Jürgen Drews are 28 years apart.

Will the 77-year-old retire soon?

On the occasion of his 75th birthday, the album “The Ultimate Anniversary Best Of” was released in 2020. Schlager colleagues like Ben Zucker, Kerstin Ott or Matthias Reim are represented on the album as a duet with Jürgen Drews.

Since then, the pop icon has not released any songs or albums. In mid-2021, the 77-year-old revealed that his health was not good. He suffers from the nervous disease “peripheral polyneuropathy”. This is why his performances are no longer so easy for him.

During the corona pandemic, the star got used to a stress-free life. He no longer wants to give up the time spent with his wife Ramona and his children. Drews announced in 2022:

I won’t do as many gigs as I used to.

As early as 2021, the pop star announced that there would be no more appearances in Mallorca for the time being. Before that, he was a regular at the “Megapark”. Europe’s largest beer garden is located directly in Ballermann. Additionally, Drews frequently had performances and events at his bistro.

Perhaps the King of Mallorca will once again honor “his” island: on the anniversary of “50 years of Ballermann”, many fans would be delighted to see the successful icon in Mallorca!

Top hits and hits by Jürgen Drews

Year song
1976 “A Bed in the Cornfield”
1977 “Barefoot All Summer”
1989 “Someday, Somewhere, Somehow (We’ll Meet Again)”
2000 “King of Majorca”
2012 “I will build you a castle” (new recording on the occasion of the European Football Championship)
2013 “Blueberries”

The successful star has received several awards for her successes. Among them several times the “Ballermann-Award” or the “smago!” Rewards”.

Here’s a hit classic from Drews:

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