If you want a gritty It Takes Two, check out the We Were Here Forever trailer


If you watch the latest trailer for We Were Here Forever, you might first wonder how it compares to It Takes Two. There’s no colorful co-op play waiting for you here, just a dark setting that’s more likely to send shivers down your spine. The gameplay is different, however, because here one can expect an asymmetrical cooperative game for two players, in which one can only progress together.

A dark puzzle game for two (?) hours

As the trailer reveals, you start out in Castle Rock dungeons and must find a way out of the dungeon together. You must work together to do this, but you must also complete other passages separately. At least you’re never completely alone, after all, you’re connected via a walkie-talkie. You can’t go it alone here, as you can only solve the puzzles that block your path together.

But it shouldn’t stay so dark all the time. As well as the castle, your adventure journey will also take you through a frosty graveyard, the town of Rockbury, and under the frozen sea. Well, even without dark dungeons, it doesn’t really feel joyous.

An equally dark story: Along with collecting clues and solving puzzles, the game will also let you learn more about the history of Castle Rock and the resistance that turned against the king of the land to escape from it as you see fit. ‘have done.

The predecessor is free

Incidentally, We Were Here Forever is already the fourth game in the We Were Here series. Although co-op adventures are linked, they do not need to be played in any particular order. If you want to try it out yourself, you can play We Were Here on Steam for free.

We Were Here Forever is due out May 10, 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Elen Reinke

For me, It Takes Two has been one of the absolute best adventures of 2021 and one of my favorite co-op games of all time. So it’s no surprise that I’m also looking forward to We Were Here Forever. The dark atmosphere of the game does not detract from this, but on the contrary makes me even more curious to explore the mysteries of this world. Whether it can keep up with It Takes Two’s excellent game mechanics remains to be seen.

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