“I will be angry for the rest of my life”

Kathrin Menzinger and René Casselly’s lifting figure only worked on the second try.RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

The 15th season of “Let’s Dance” ends in two weeks and it can already be said that the performances of “Ninja Warrior” winner and circus artist René Casselly are among the absolute highlights of this year’s edition. Along with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger, he not only shows week after week that there is a dancer in him, but also regularly amazes the jury and the public with top-notch acrobatic performances.

No doubt, René and Kathrin risk big with “Let’s Dance” and have already suffered a few injuries in training. On Friday night, however, her dances seem effortless and all the tricks have worked so far. Unfortunately, something went wrong this week.

Kathrin Menzinger is angry about her dance breakdown

In the quarterfinals of “Let’s Dance,” the duo performed a jive to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.” At the end of the dance, René wanted to twirl Kathrin around his head, but the lifting figure failed and Kathrin completed the jive sitting on the floor. Encouraged by Motsi Mabuse, the two repeated the lifting trick, which then passed without issue on the second attempt.

After the show, Kathrin told RTL about her mistake and was visibly disappointed:

“I’ll be angry all my life, I know myself. I haven’t forgotten the choreography, I just didn’t have the strength at the time. It was a physical weakness.”

However, René was not angry with his dance partner – on the contrary. He stressed that such a mistake is only human. In the interview, Kathrin was touched by René’s words: “He’s so understanding. That’s nice of you.”

Perfect Slowfox by René and Kathrin

In the end, René and Kathrin only got 23 points for their jive. But her trio dance worked better. Together with Valentin Lusin, they performed a slow fox, which delighted the jury and obtained the total score of 30 points. “I’m so glad Slowfox fixed that a bit”Kathrin said happily in conversation.


The quarter-finals of “Let’s Dance” will take place on Friday evening. In the race for the title “Dancing Star” are Sarah Mangione, René Casselly, Amira Pocher, Janin Ullmann and Mathias Mester. In the tenth live show, the stars are encouraged to show two new dances. They also compete in so-called trio dancesin which the respective dancing couple is supported by another professional.

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