HSV – Hannover 96: Live ticker for the 2nd Bundesliga match

HSV has promotion in their hands. A sentence that a few weeks ago was completely utopian to believe that it would come true again this season. But after the defeat of SV Darmstadt 98 in Düsseldorf (1-2) on Friday evening, it is indeed the case. If the Hamburgers win in Hannover on Saturday, they will climb to second place for now and would have at least a relegation spot after the end of the day, regardless of other results. A trio against the “Reds” would be mandatory. Don’t miss any important game scene in MOPO live ticker.

The game in the live ticker

First half whistle!

44 minutes HSV meters via Reis, dungeon stops the attack with a tactical foul. For this he sees yellow, as well as diemers, who complains too loudly. This means that both guest sixes are now preloaded, and Ondoua has already seen yellow.

40 minutes Again Suhonen gets it from an opponent, but his mid-high cross is clear. Nevertheless: The Finn is having fun and confirming his good form in recent weeks.

39 minutes Zieler boxed the next free kick out of the danger zone.

38 minutes Suhonen is worth the detour on the left flank Ondoua through and can only be stopped by a foul. Yellow for the six.

36 minutes HSV demand a penalty after Jatta fell in a running duel with Ochs. But Aarnink lets play – justifiable, as a contact was there, but that was the custom.

36 minutes The direct counterattack after the 2-0 changed the momentum a bit in favor of the guests, the “Reds” have had much more play since then.

33 minutes Beier crosses strongly from midfield, in the middle Weydandt only misses a few centimeters.

31 minutes Kerk with a very dangerous cross, with two Hanoverians hidden in the middle, but the HSV defense was able to clear with combined forces.

29 minutes Hannover want to get involved here, which always opens up the possibility for HSV to change. The Hamburgers have already been able to use it twice, but in the last minutes there is a lack of precision in these situations.

27 minutes Rice! This time the Dutchman does better and aims from a distance, his shot hits the left outside post.

25 minutes Big mistake in structure 96, but Reis misses point play on Glatzel or Kittel. Instead, he tries a complex pass on Jatta, who fouls a storm. There was more in it.

24 minutes Luckily for Vagnoman, who knocks Weydandt down just before the penalty area, but Aarnink does not punish him. Instead, there is a corner that yields nothing.

22 minutes The madness will go fast. Kerk can beat Meffert far too easily in the penalty area and hooks the ball into the pinion with a sharp kick. Great blow.

22 minutes Goal for Hannover! Kerk marks the connection!

20 mins The Volkspark is shaking – and again Jatta and Glatzel are the protagonists! A long ball reaches the Gambiers on the right flank. The winger brings the ball in the middle, where Glatzel pushes the ball over the line from close range.

20 minute goal for HSV! Glatzel composes the double pack!

16 minutes Kerk brings it to the near post, which is not without danger, but the header lands above the goal under pressure.

15 minutes For the first time, Hanover settles a little in the Hamburg half of the field, in the end Vagnoman clears a cross in front of Weydandt for a corner.

13 minutes Brilliant, seconds before Weydandt missed the huge chance to make it 1-0 for 96 and then HSV took the lead! After a throw-in, Jatta and Reis can combine on the right against a far too passive Lower Saxony. at the end of the Gambier is pointed in front of the door, where Glatzel has only to insert himself.

13. Minimum target for HSV! Glatzel takes the lead!

10 minutes Vagnoman struts into midfield and passes Glatzel, but the ball is played a bit behind him so the striker struggles to process it. Its conclusion can therefore be blocked by Ondoua.

7 minutes And the corner will be dangerous too! In fact, the free kick is weak, but a Hanoverian hits an air hole, so Schonlau has a five-yard shot, but puts the ball wide of the goal. The central defender was probably a little surprised.

6 minutes It comes and goes, now Hamburg again! Kittel is in the center of Glatzel, who can clap and uses Kittel again. Zieler can still deflect it around the post.

4 minutes Heuer Fernandes saves HSV! Kerk is sent to the right and has room to cross after a slip from Reis. In the middle, Weydandt finishes narrowly, but the HSV goalkeeper sensationally directs the ball towards the crossbar. What a quick start!

3 minutes On the other hand, Hannover enters the penalty area for the first time after HSV lose the ball, but Vagnoman is close to the opposition and can block.

2 minutes Suhonen! Jatta penetrates right to the baseline and brings the ball to the edge of the penalty area. There, Suhonen takes a technically demanding volley, but his powerful shot ends up in Zieler’s arms.

1 minute The smoke from the Hannover block has cleared, Aarnink starts the match a few minutes later.

to start up!

  • The players enter the field and it’s about to start.
  • With Lukas Hinterseer, an old HSV acquaintance also sits on the Lower Saxony bench.
  • And so the guests from Hanover begin: Zieler – Muroya, Krajnc, Borner, Ochs – Diemers, Ondoua – Maina, Kerk, Beier – Weydandt.
  • A change from the previous week, Vagnoman replaces the yellow-banned Muheim.
  • Tim Walter relies on this starting XI: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Vagnoman – Meffert – Reis, Suhonen – Jatta, Glatzel, Kittel.
  • The match referee will be Dr. Be Arne Aarnink. The 37-year-old referees HSV for the second time this season after the 4-0 win in the catch-up game against Erzgebirge Aue in early April.
  • Meanwhile, Lower Saxony are not Hamburg’s favorite opponents at all, as there has been only one victory for the Rothosen in the five duels since the guests’ relegation. At 96, two personal data still have an open account.
  • Regardless of the league affiliation issue, HSV will part ways with some professionals after the season. At five players, the farewell could already take place as part of the Hanover match.
  • And: At the personnel level, coach Tim Walter can draw on almost everything, only Miro Muheim (suspended) is missing from the last game.
  • What speaks for HSV in the promotion battle is the current form. The Hamburgers have managed to win four of the last five games more or less convincingly, most recently a sovereign 4-0 against FC Ingolstadt.
  • A look at the matches in the competition: With the duel between Schalke 04 and St. Pauli there is a real promotion cracker on Saturday evening (8.30 p.m.), in which the first decisions could already be made. Meanwhile, SV Werder Bremen are due to play relegated FC Erzgebirge Aue on Sunday.
  • For HSV, this is the next final in the fight for promotion. As SV Darmstadt lost at Fortuna Düsseldorf on Friday (1:2), Hamburg can secure at least third place before the final day. This then had to be defended against Hansa Rostock in the last encounter.
  • Hello and welcome to the MOPO live ticker for the match between HSV and Hannover 96! The kick-off is given at 1.30 p.m. at the Volksparkstadion.

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