How Johnny Depp broke off his relationships

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are currently in a legal mudfight the likes of which the celebrity world has never seen. The two offer intimate insight into a deeply toxic relationship. The 58-year-old had once overcome his darkest phase.

The marriage lasted 15 months, but it will provide material for years to come. Domestic violence, infidelity, alcohol abuse and drug abuse are the dominant themes. In an unprecedented trial, Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36) are each claiming several million in damages. In order to find out who is right, the past relationship of the two is revealed in detail. But no matter the verdict: both have already lost. Their careers will never recover from this bashing.

In this case, the sympathies are clearly on the side of Johnny Depp. This is particularly reflected in his fans who have been camping outside the courthouse in Fairfax, Va., for weeks. Even in decades past, it became apparent that the ‘Jack Sparrow’ actor’s antics couldn’t hurt his popularity.

Johnny Depp and women

Even though his large number of breakups in the 80s and 90s indicated that Depp wasn’t exactly suited for a stable, long-term relationship, the most beautiful and successful women got involved with him. After a short marriage to make-up artist Lori Anne Allison (64) and even shorter romances with actresses like Jennifer Gray (62, “Dirty Dancing”), he met Winona Ryder (50), who was only 17 years old, in 1989. They become the favorite couple of the press. Images of the actor walking out of Beverly Hills clubs with his young girlfriend in his arms and a cigarette dangling from his mouth have made headlines ever since. He even got a “Winona forever” tattoo and kneels in front of her. It’s not that getting engaged in Depp’s world is a guarantee of marriage: the movie star has reportedly been engaged six times to date, resulting in just two marriages (and two divorces).

As we know, he does not enter into the marriage bond with Winona Ryder. A year after love (he changes the tattoo to “Wino forever”), he and model Kate Moss (48) become a couple. Again it’s a passionate relationship, again Depp shows no ambition to lead a quiet existence with the woman by his side. Crazy nights of partying, fueled by expensive booze and illicit substances, finally give the Hollywood star the image of the indomitable daredevil. But this has a price: the excess damages not only his health, but also his reputation as a policeman. In 1994, after an argument with his girlfriend Kate Moss, he destroyed a hotel room in New York while drunk and was arrested. Later, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he described those years as the “darkest phase” of his life and explained that he “couldn’t find a foothold”. However, this should change when Vanessa Paradis (49) enters his life.

Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis: new beginnings in France

In the summer of 1998, freshly separated from Kate Moss, the American actor unexpectedly crossed paths with Vanessa Paradis during a dinner in Paris. Johnny Depp is in the city of love for the filming of The Nine Gates by Roman Polanski. “She was wearing a dress with an exposed back and I saw that back and that neck and then she turned around and I saw those eyes and boom,” the idol later recalled in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. British Daily Mail and explained, “You get that feeling…I can’t really explain what it was, but I got it when I met her.”

It is said that the meeting is the end of the unbridled party life and the beginning of an orderly life. Because the French singer shows little interest in the dazzling world of Hollywood imagination and insists on staying in France. A blessing for the eternally restless actor, as it turns out. In 2001, Johnny Depp bought a small village near Saint-Tropez – including the church, barns and houses. Hidden between olive trees and vineyards, the couple are raising their two children Lily-Rose (22) and Jack (20) in the Provençal family idyll. Meanwhile, Depp has only made headlines with his acting successes. The Pirates of the Caribbean series propels him to the top of the list of highest paid actors. The film industry showered him with awards.

But eventually, the acclaimed star tires of commuting between her job in Hollywood and the quiet life of the French Riviera. Vanessa Paradis has agreed to move to Los Angeles with him and the children. It doesn’t take long for Depp to fall back into old patterns. Party excesses like when he was single cause the relationship to start to crack. Children, of whom there were practically no photos to date, are now followed by paparazzi. In 2012, the couple pulled the line and the interpreter of “Joe le taxi” returned to France with the children.

Amber Heard turns Johnny Depp’s world upside down

A year before the split, Johnny Depp met Amber Heard on the set of The Rum Diary. On the set, it must have worked for him like his meeting with Vanessa Paradis at the time – with one difference. It’s another ambitious blonde woman in her twenties who catches his eye. This time, however, Depp is not 35 and single, but almost 50 and in a relationship with the mother of his children.

Johnny Depp claims he and Heard only got closer after Vanessa Paradis ended. In the ongoing lawsuit, however, Heard talks about secret meetings that have been taking place regularly since October 2011. Whoever’s right: Meeting Heard, 22 years his junior, sparked something in the actor. Whether it was a midlife crisis or the realization that being a good family man was just a role he played like his movie characters for a while: it was the end of his stable life and the beginning of a toxic love affair. How it happened is about to be revealed to the world in a courtroom.

It’s easy to imagine Johnny Depp today – sitting between his lawyers and hearing his ex-wife’s accusations – thinking: If only he had stayed in his French village.

Similar looks, imitated gestures: she copies it to the court

Similar looks, imitated gestures: Amber Heard copies Johnny Depp in court
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