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NAMIKA: Will she hit the mark with “Globus”?

NAMIKA’s new single will be released this Friday – that’s something special as we haven’t heard from the singer for a long time. With “Lieblingsmensch” and “Je Ne Parle Pas Francais” the artist was able to place several official super hits – it is quite possible that “Globus” is one of them – the title fits NAMIKA like a glove, has eye-catching qualities and is original.

The press release reveals why her album, which will be released in the fall of 2022, is titled “Wie geht’s dir?”, which shows that NAMIKA is one of the deepest singers in the Republic.

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We remember: With “Je Ne Parle Pas Français”, Namika was the only artist with a German-language song at #1 in the airplay charts for the past ten years. Now, “Globus” is the first single to be released from their upcoming album “How are you?”.

Hand on heart: Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving everything behind for the past two years? Briefly pretend that no pandemic determines life and instead pack your bags or carry your backpack, get on the plane and then hang out in the most remote places of the world for a few weeks and let your soul dangle? With her new single “Globus”, Namika has turned exactly this desire into a song. “Come on, I’ll spin the globe – and you’re betting on it, whether it’s the North Pole or Curacao. One-Way, in twos, where your finger points,” the Frankfurt native sings over rousing, happy Afropop beats an irrepressible wanderlust and when you get caught up in the travel bug.

“Globus” was created at the height of the pandemic. Shops, bars, clubs and restaurants had suddenly closed and the whole population was confined to their homes – leisure activities, like the “travel” that we take for granted” so “normal” and “forgotten”, now seemed like a luxury . “If we can’t all go out into the world right now, then I just want to bring the world home – I want to take us on an audio-visual journey around the world,” says Namika. “But as depressing as the past two years of the pandemic have been, there’s also something positive about them,” she says.

It was as if something or someone had just pressed the reset button to give us time and space for the basic things in life. Whether it’s the question of whether it’s right and good for you where you are at in life. Or maybe work stress hasn’t left you completely indifferent. Suddenly there was enough time to ask, “How are you?” seriously and honestly to think about it.

This is one of the reasons why Namika’s new album, which will be released in early fall 2022, is called “How are you?”. The songs were created within the last three years. An intense period in which Namika not only falls ill and retires, but also a global pandemic turns everyone’s life upside down. “During this period, strangers often asked me how I was doing and I must admit that I often found myself simply answering ‘I’m fine’ without even telling myself to consciously and honestly answer this question.

Of course, all was not well,” recalls Namika. “And that’s how I realized that the way we use this question in everyday life is far from doing justice to its depth. It’s a question you should set aside time to answer if you really want to know. On “How are you?” Namika did just that, herself went looking for answers – and they turned out to be very different.

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