Hertha BSC: Gijon warning from Felix Magath! Another distortion of competition? – Bundesliga

This subject gives him no rest…

Hertha BSC can ensure they stay top of the league today with a win against Mainz 05 (6:30 p.m. in the live ticker on BILD). And even with a draw, the rival from Stuttgart should win at Bayern tomorrow to be able to overtake Hertha on the last day of the meeting.

But it is precisely this clarity of the competitors due to the spread of the day (Bielefeld played Friday, Hertha today, Stuttgart tomorrow) which upsets Hertha coach Felix Magath (68). Before his match against Hertha, he thinks about a possible distortion of competition.

Magath at Hertha press conference: “I was surprised because in recent years I only knew that the last two matchdays would be played at the same time. I don’t understand why this rule, which has been proven , has been changed. We never had discussions about the outcome of the championship because we found this structure. It annoys me too. We are right in the middle now, some play Friday night, we play Saturday and the others Sunday.”

Coach Fox continues: “Now we have the situation that can be guessed at again, which again causes problems. I have been in games that have had great discussions afterwards.

And Magath even uses the comparison with one of the greatest distortions of competition in football history, the ‘disgrace of Gijon’. He doesn’t say the word “Gijon”, but he does address the scandal at the time.

Magath: “In 1982, there were staggered matches in the preliminary round of the World Cup. Suddenly, a game ended as it had to end for both teams to be satisfied (Germany 1-0 v Austria, both progressed, game went down in history as ‘Gijon’s disgrace’, Magath was on the pitch; Editor’s note.). Teams were later accused of this, but it was the wrong structure. That’s why I now think it’s wrong that the penultimate matchday was interrupted and the teams risk being influenced by the result.”

Magath recalled the Foto: Friso Gentsch/dpa

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Magath recalled the “disgrace of Gijon”Photo: Friso Gentsch/dpa

Last week, Magath faced Bayern after his sluggish performance at Mainz (1-3 bankruptcy). Perhaps with the ulterior motive of increasing the pressure to succeed in tomorrow’s game against Stuttgart…

Background: The German Football League had structured the matchday differently in order to improve television marketing, so matchday 33 will again take place from Friday to Sunday for the first time. It is only on the last day of the match that all matches will continue to start at the same time.

Hertha general manager Fredi Bobic (50), who voted for the plan in his role as sporting director of Eintracht Frankfurt at the time: “It was discussed in a very diverse way among those responsible for sport. One or the other didn’t see that penultimate day as very important and said: we can take it apart.”

And further: “Of course, this has positive economic effects, which have of course been taken into account. (…) It was not decided by three or four people, but by 36 clubs. In the end, the majority wins, so we have to take it as is.

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