Food industry: Alert to food shortages |

Status: 07.05.2022 5:08 p.m.

Given the war in Ukraine, commodity prices continue to rise – and with them food prices. The food industry fears a food shortage and calls on Agriculture Minister Özdemir to act.

Faced with rising food prices, the associations warned of food shortages and called on Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir to take action. “At some point it will no longer be a question of how much the raw materials for our food cost on the world market, but whether we can still obtain it,” said Christian von Boetticher, president of the Federal Association of German food industry. of “Bild”, according to a preliminary report.

“Active crisis management” required

Boetticher called on Özdemir to “finally move from the Greens program to active crisis management”. With regard to rising food prices and the 50 million more hungry people in the world, “no one can explain to anyone that German farmers should only cultivate 20% of the cultivated land organically and that 10% should even be set aside as ecological fallow”. said von Boetticher.

The prices of milk and bread could still increase significantly in this country in the coming weeks. The respective industry associations have warned of increases of up to 20% for dairy products and up to 30% for bakery products.

“In the case of dairy products with longer contract periods, the price increases in the store have not really arrived yet, this will only happen in the weeks and months to come”, explained Björn Börgermann, director General of the Dairy Industry Association, according to the “Neuer Osnabrücker Zeitung”. This applies mainly to milk, but also to cheese. According to the umbrella organization of dairies and milk processors, rates of increase of 20 percent are “fully possible”. Ultimately, however, it’s a matter of negotiation between dairies and trading companies, Börgermann explained.

The managing director of the Central Association of German Bakers, Daniel Schneider, warned in the “Bild” that food “should not be a luxury”. The food industry in particular is affected by rising costs for energy, raw materials and personnel. Production costs for baked goods have increased by 25-30%. “Bakery prices will increase significantly,” Schneider warned.

In the newspaper, the farmers’ association demanded that the income increases be passed on “in full” to the farmers. “Whether organic or conventional, milk producers’ prices must rise,” said Vice President Karsten Schmal of “NOZ”. The increase in expenditure on energy, feed or fertilizer means that the previous increase in milk prices “has de facto died out”.

Diakonia calls for reforms

The Protestant social welfare association Diakonie Germany has also made demands to politicians: “We will have many more poor people than we previously thought”, said Maria Loheide, responsible for social policy, at the “Augsburger Allgemein”. For many, the salary is no longer enough for a whole month to buy food and everything necessary for the education of children. “We notice this in every counseling centre, in debt counseling centres, social counseling centers and also family centres,” Loheide said.

In addition to an increase in Hartz IV tariffs, Diakonie also called for a reform of social support in the event of a general crisis. An emergency regulation enshrined in the books of the Social Code is possible, which provides for fixed aid for those affected if a social emergency is determined by the Bundestag.

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