‘Experiencing My Inner Marilyn’: Kim Kardashian wore a second green Monroe dress

“Living my inner Marilyn”
Kim Kardashian wore a second green Monroe dress

Double stitching is better than ever, and sometimes it’s literally true: Kim Kardashian wore a famous Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala. She had a second one up her sleeve for the after party. On Instagram, she reveals something about the background.

Kim Kardashian surprised with an extraordinary look at this year’s Met Gala last Monday. The 41-year-old stood on the steps of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress. As she’s now announced via Instagram, Kardashian borrowed a second dress from the late actress for the after-show party.

She had the great honor of wearing Marilyn Monroe’s Norman Norell dress, which the Hollywood icon wore at the 1962 Golden Globes. At that time, the actress received the Henrietta award. “When I was looking for the handmade Jean Louis beaded dress I wore to the gala, I found that auction house Heritage Auctions had Marilyn’s iconic green sequined dress,” the star explained. reality TV on Instagram.

Kardashian posted several photos showing her in her second look of the evening. She paired the bodycon open back forest green sequin dress with emerald teardrop earrings. Kardashian completed the set by also carrying Monroe’s Golden Globe trophy. It belonged to her florist, as Kardashian explained in the comment.

“One of the greatest privileges of my life”

Kardashian added photos of Monroe in the dress to her Instagram post. But she changed one thing: While the Hollywood icon wore the halter-style dress, the TV star opted for a different variation and opted for a high-necked neckline. In an Instagram Story, however, she posted a photo showing her in the original design. “It will forever be one of the greatest privileges of my life to feel my inner Marilyn in this way on such a special night,” the 41-year-old wrote on her post.

Kardashian revealed at the Met Gala that she didn’t initially fit into the sparkling beige dress. She then had to lose about seven kilos. “I don’t think they believed I could do it, but I did.” In tribute to the diva, Kardashian dyed her hair platinum blonde for the gala. In her post, she didn’t reveal if her starvation diet was also necessary for Marilyn’s sequined green dress.

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