Electric car: the German manufacturer e.GO presents the city runabout e.wave X

With brand ambassador Neymar
German manufacturer e.GO presents the e.wave X electric car – an urban runabout with an announcement

Football star Neymar presents the e.Go e.wave X electric car

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Two years after the presentation of the E.Go Life Concept Cross study had to be canceled due to corona, the automaker has now presented the e.wave X electric car. Unlike the base model, it seems to have been significantly revised and is said to be “ideal for the city”.

Many prominent faces were present at the premiere of the e.wave X in the Berlin powerhouse on Thursday evening, when the Aachen start-up e.Go presented its production model. Besides Oliver Pocher, Marius Müller-Westernhagen and Pietro Lombardi, even Neymar was present; the automaker was able to win over the PSG star as a brand ambassador.

The e.wave X should be launched this year and has recently matured. When e.Go wanted to present the e.Go Life Concept Cross study at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2020, the onset of the corona pandemic thwarted the car manufacturer’s plans. The derivative series version is now technically based on the e.Go Life, but features black wheel arch extensions, wider sill panels, newly designed aprons front and rear as well as additional headlights on the front mask and an electric handbrake. A roof rack is available as an option.

In addition, the electric vehicle in crossover look has LED headlights, frameless doors and a “light and robust plastic outer skin”. 18-inch aluminum wheels can also be purchased. According to e.Go, the e.wave X is “the smallest and most compact 4-seater in its class” and “ideal for the city”. This makes the Model E quite an unusual vehicle, as pure city cars are rare these days.

e.Go upgrades e.wave X

Instead of the initial autonomy of 171 kilometers, the city car should be able to travel up to 240 kilometers. In addition, the manufacturer announces an energy consumption of 18.3 kWh per 100 kilometers. Engine power has also increased from 77.5 hp to 109 hp, which should be quite sporty for a small car with a length of around 3.35 meters and a height of almost 1.60 metre. This characteristic is also enhanced by the racing-style steering wheel and the three available modes: Eco, Comfort and Sport.

A 21.15 kWh lithium-ion battery is installed, which can be powered both from the household socket and via an 11 kW charger. According to e.Go, charging from 0 to 95% takes just under ten hours on the domestic socket, with a classic type 2 socket it is therefore reduced to just under six hours.

Technically, the rear-wheel-drive vehicle features a 23-inch ultra-widescreen display, which displays driving data such as driver-side speed and charge level and infotainment items such as right-hand navigation. There is an inductive charging point for smartphones in the center console, which also allows the device to be connected wirelessly to the car. The e.wave X also has a heated seat, rear view camera and parking sensors.

Deliveries of the electric car are expected to begin at the end of the year

A good two years ago, e.Go was still in insolvency proceedings under autonomous administration. However, with a new investor and two rounds of financing in 2021, the Aachen start-up has emerged from insolvency again. With the e.wave X, the great success is obviously there.

The vehicle is currently in an EU approval process, which should be completed this summer. A reservation is already possible. The e.wave X starts at 24,990 euros and is therefore 2,000 euros more expensive than the basic model. The environmental bonus of 3,570 euros is already included here. The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2022.

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