Definitive Edition for PlayStation 5 coming soon

The “Definitive Edition” of Outward allows experienced players: Inside to rediscover the base game with the two DLCs “Three Brothers” and “The Soroboreans” as well as a multitude of new and updated content.

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Along their journey, they’ll encounter unique encounters – and dangerous enemies – as they explore dungeons and traverse the vast world that stretches before them.

A new trailer that looks at the world through the eyes of a seasoned adventurer was also released today.

OUTWARD: Definitive Edition Release Date Trailer

For players entering the world of Aurai for the first time, Outward: Definitive Edition is a unique opportunity to dive headfirst into all the adventures the critically acclaimed game has to offer, either solo or in co-op. with friends.

As an ordinary adventurer, Inside players must not only hide or defend themselves from threatening creatures, but also brave dangerous environmental conditions, protect themselves from contagious diseases, get enough sleep, and quench their thirst.

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You’ll embark on dangerous expeditions through wild lands to reach new towns, take on varied missions, and discover hidden dungeons teeming with fearsome enemies.

To make matters worse, there is “corruption” – a poisonous material spreading across the land that can best be described as “soul radioactivity”. It occurred naturally in the land, but became more concentrated and widespread after the Scourge spell, which also destroyed cities while creating the most dangerous monsters.

These challenges and more await all adventurers who venture into the wilderness and cities of the Outward world.

Returning Players: Insiders who already own the base game and the Three Brothers DLC can redeem a free copy of the Definitive Edition.

About the exterior

Outward is an open-world fantasy adventure that offers players incredible immersion through stunning graphics. Players experience a whole new RPG feeling in an ever-changing world in which they must always protect themselves from all outside influences. Through powerful magic and rituals, players can combine their powers to survive in the world. In addition, the Outward offers two coveted new features: split-screen multiplayer mode that can be used both locally and two-player online. These features also allow players to explore the dangerous world of Outward with a friend.

main characteristics

• Survival of the Fittest: Survive in the wild while exploring the world

• Alone or with friends: play in single-player mode or in local/online split-screen mode

• The Power of Magic: Master the magic and rituals of an unreal world

• Better think twice: constant auto-saves encourage players to think carefully about their decisions

• Diversity is key: discover a multitude of different and exciting scenarios

• Increased replay value: players get a unique experience every time they play

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