Bundesliga: 1.FC Köln loses 1-0 against VfL Wolfsburg, still qualified for Europe! – Bundesliga

Cologne celebrates Europe!

FC lost 1-0 to VfL Wolfsburg. Nevertheless, the Conference League becomes clearer as Hoffenheim loses to Leverkusen. Huge cheers from the fans! With a win, Cologne would have kept the Champions League dream alive. However, the Europa League is still there on the final matchday.

Moreover, for fear of a possible space storm in the event of qualification for the Euro, the inhabitants of Cologne lift the security barriers of the stadium before the match. In 2017, fans took to the pitch and caused six-figure damage. does not help!

At the final whistle, several thousand fans again ran onto the pitch, cut the goal nets and ripped the penalty spot from the grass. The police protect the cabin wing. Supporters carry Modeste through the stadium!

Moving action before the match: The people of Cologne placed 235 cuddly toys of the Hennes mascot on the edge of the pitch. In memory of the 235 children killed during the war in Ukraine. In addition, the names of these children are broadcast on the stadium’s television in order, as the FC points out, “to bring them out of anonymity”. The central circle is also drawn in chalk as a sign of peace. Strong signal from FC!

Arrival of chaos for Wolfsburg on Friday: The whole team had to get off the ICE in Hamm towards Cologne and change trains. Because apparently the air conditioning in the compartment where VfL sat was faulty.

Kruse then complained on Instagram: “Then they thought: let’s punish everyone sitting in the car and throw them out. They just have to get off and continue with another train. It’s our fault, so to speak.”

In the game, however, Wolfsburg initially has less in-game train than FC.

6 minutes: To post! Boom, that’s a good start! Cologne’s Schmitz hits it from 14 yards – Pervan directs the ball towards the foil with his fingertips. Casteels’ replacement has warm hands from the start. Shortly before, he already pushes back a Modest header (3rd).

30 minutes: Kruse gets a hit – well, a hit! Easy prey for the Swabians.

43 mins: Oops, Wolfsburg is in the lead against Cologne, which has been superior until now! Gerhardt sinks VfL’s second chance from 7 meters after Wind-Querpass. It still smells offside! Will be checked by the video referee – but the tight stuff is regular! 0:1 Ironically, Gerhardt, the boy from Cologne played at FC until 2016.

53 mins: Kainz hits him – Pervan again! Strong!

55 mins: The ball is back! Nmecha scores for Wolfsburg. Of course, the video referee checks again – and finds that the VfL striker is inches from offside when playing from Baku. It remains at 0:1.

Towards the end, Cologne fans unfurl a poster hailing ex-boss Schmadtke, who is Wolfsburg’s chief executive. “We in Europe, you in front of the TV. Have fun with Stö…uh, your wife! Stö could mean ex-coach Stöger.

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