Briton has lived for six years with a replacement penis on his arm

A British mechanic loses his penis due to blood poisoning. But thanks to the rapid progress of medicine and the know-how of specialists, it was finally replaced – even if it cost man dearly, in two respects. The Briton now tells his unusual story in a documentary.

Prolonged perineal infection led to sepsis

As early as July 2020, the English press reported the curious case of the British Malcolm MacDonald. The 47-year-old developed severe sepsis following a long-term infection of the perineum, meaning the perineal area, which he contracted in 2010 – his fingers, toes and his penis turned black as a result.

“It was like a horror movie”

In 2014, the incredible happened: his genitals detached from his body, only the testicles remained intact. Explaining what happened to the British sun in 2020, he said: “Sepsis spread to my fingers and toes turning them black. When I saw my penis turn black I was beside myself . It was like a horror movie. I was in total panic. I knew he was gone and that I was going to lose him. Then one day he fell to the ground.

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New better part thanks to a special method

The Briton was devastated: “Two years after losing my penis, I felt like a shadow of a man. My life was completely out of whack because I had no self-confidence. I drank too much. I didn’t didn’t see my family and friends – I just didn’t want to deal with it,” he says now. Thanks to a special method, he now has a new, better bit.

Doctors made an artificial limb on his left arm but were unable to place it in his pubic area until earlier this year.

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Prosthesis elevated on the arm

And it’s nothing more than a medical sensation. “I feel like a real man again,” MacDonald said of his unusual ordeal in the documentary The Man With a Penis on His Arm. In desperation, McDonald turned to specialist Professor David Ralph of University College Hospital, London. His idea: The mechanic should get a penis prosthesis – developed on his left arm!

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The operation had to be postponed again and again

In 2015, surgeons began sculpting his new manhood, using his own blood vessels and nerves, using a flap of skin on the right-handed left arm. They tied a urethra and installed two tubes which were inflated with a hand pump, allowing him to have an erection. Cost point: nearly 60,000 euros.

The flesh prosthesis was supposed to heal and get used to blood circulation by being sewn onto the arm. In the next step, the new penis has to be transplanted where it belongs. Then everything happened differently: the operation had to be canceled again due to blood oxygen problems. This left MacDonald to live with an artificial limb hanging from his left forearm.

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Six year old with a penis on his arm

McDonald then had to wait a very long time for the second attempt at surgery. Six whole long years – the date has been repeatedly postponed for various reasons. Then came the corona pandemic – and the procedure had to be postponed again. For MacDonald, the time with the penis on his arm was horrible. “Can you imagine spending six years of your life with a penis on your arm?” he asks in the film. “People ask me questions when they see me in the pub and of course they joke about it.”

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The operation finally succeeds

MacDonald can now take it all with humor: “Of course, I also see the fun side of the story. I have to do it. I have no other choice.” Because at the beginning of 2022, the work of the specialists was finally successfully completed in a very complex nine-hour operation. Nerves and blood vessels were removed from the arm and sewn together in the pubic area to establish the blood supply to the artificial penis.

“The first thing I did was look down,” the Briton recounts in the documentary. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this time they made it.'” McDonald can even urinate normally again – and the 47-year-old no longer has to do without sex. That’s why he is now looking for true love. (Yes)

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