Bomb threat at Russian News Agency | BZ – The voice of Berlin

By Olaf Wagner

Lepsiusstrasse on Fichtenberg in Steglitz: A quiet neighborhood with old houses. The Russian news agency “Ria Novosti” resides there.

Suddenly, the state of emergency was installed from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning at 1am. Dozens of police vehicles cordoned off the area around the news agency’s villa.

Officials rang the bells of local residents and asked them to leave their homes. The reason: bomb alarm in the agency building.

A bottle of beer flew through this window on the first floor of the Russian Press Agency in Steglitz Photo: Olaf Wagner

A stranger threw a bottle of beer through a window. It is on the first floor facing the street. The police came, and during a search of the house, the officers, along with agency employees, made a suspicious discovery.

In a skylight of the building was an “unknown explosive or incendiary device” (USBV). As it turned out later, it was actually an incendiary device. Supposedly a canister wrapped in wires, as agency employees later claimed on a “Telegram” channel.

Those in the building were lucky – according to police, the incendiary device did not ignite.

When the police arrived, the incendiary device was discovered in the building on Lepsiusstrasse

When the police arrived, the incendiary device was discovered in the building on Lepsiusstrasse Photo: Olaf Wagner

The police then intervened with explosives experts from the National Criminal Police Office. In the meantime, neighboring buildings have been evacuated.

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A resident of BZ: “The road has been blocked for a length of 150 meters.” With a controlled explosion, the incendiary device was then destroyed on the spot in the early evening. “But we weren’t allowed to go home until about 1 a.m.,” the resident said.

It is impossible to determine whether there is a connection with the war in Ukraine. Nor whether the attack was initiated by the Russian side for propaganda purposes. “The actual dangerousness of the object and the motivation for the crime are still part of the investigation,” said a police spokesman in the afternoon.

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