BILD revealed: This Kremlin man ran Schwesig’s cheating foundation – domestic politics

It is currently THE secret in the Russian swamp around Meck-Pomm regent Manuela Schwesig (47, SPD): who called on Schwesig and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin (69) as manager to manage the North gas pipeline Stream 2 in front of the United States – sanctions to protect?

This is the position of director (CEO) in the so-called “economic exploitation” of the Schwesig Foundation from Tarn “Klimastiftung MV”. The foundation and the state refuse any information.

BILD research has now revealed that a Kremlin official was running Schwesig’s foundation business! Moscow ruled!

The general director of the foundation is to date: the Danish manager of Gazprom Kurt Bligaard Pedersen (62 years old)!

The foundation did not want to officially confirm the personal data at the request of BILD. The name, on the other hand, was specifically mentioned to BILD from the top of the foundation and was confirmed again on Friday.

► The Kremlin gas giant Gazprom is the parent company of Nord Stream 2. Chairman of the board of Nord Stream: former chancellor Gerhard Schröder (78, SPD).

Striking: Until Schwesig founded the foundation in early 2021, Pedersen was managing director of Gazprom subsidiaries. Then his official vita suddenly ends. Now we understand why: from then on he secretly ran Kremlin affairs in Schwesig’s Tarn Foundation.

Since founding Schwesig, Pedersen has led a network of box companies for the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipe, which is under U.S. sanctions, commissioned companies and experts to work on the pipeline. The foundation has officially paid the bills – with money from Nord Stream!

It is now clear: Moscow had complete control over Schwesig’s foundation. So-called climate protection as a foundation mission: pure facade for the stand of the Schwesig Kremlin! Germany’s leading politician Schwesig had a Kremlin front organization founded in Germany!

• Moscow co-led the creation of the foundation.

• Significant parts of the founding statutes were dictated by Gazprom/Nord Stream.

• Kremlin leader Putin was able to determine through Gazprom who runs the company at Schwesig’s foundation in Schwerin.

• Without the agreement of Nord Stream 2 AG or Gazprom, the Schwesig Foundation cannot cease its “economic business operations”. This means: even the foundation cannot simply dissolve without the intervention of the Russians!

• The Russians had even obtained seats in the supervisory bodies of the foundation.

• Kremlin Director Pedersen led a network of box companies from Schwesig’s foundation, corporate stakes for the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which is under US sanctions.

• Through Gazprom/Nord Stream, the Kremlin not only provided the foundation with 20 million euros for alleged environmental works, but also channeled capital for the construction of the pipeline through the foundation . This was also confirmed to BILD by foundation circles.

• The Schwesig Foundation hired companies and experts to work on the pipeline. The foundation has officially paid the bills – with money from Nord Stream!

Practical: The director of the Pedersen foundation comes from the stable of the social democrats – like Schwesig, the boss of the foundation Erwin Sellering (72) and like the boss of Nord Stream 2 Schröder. Pedersen was formerly Deputy State Secretary in the Danish Ministry of Finance. He then negotiated contracts with Gazprom for the Danish energy company Dong – at the expense of the Danes, who cannot cancel the contracts until 2030. Soon after, Pedersen was hired by Gazprom.

The Russians finally sent him to Schwesig to do their gas business there under the cover of the “Climate Foundation”…

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