Baumgart: “I don’t feel like partying today”

This is how the coaches saw the performance of their teams…

Who gives the instructions here? Steffen Baumgart and Florian Kohfeldt (right).
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1. FC Cologne – VfL Wolfsburg 0:1 (0:1)

Steffen Baumgart (Coach 1. FC Cologne): “It’s a bit difficult for me to feel euphoric about seventh place. Of course, I’m happy that we play at least one international qualifying game. But when I lose a game like that, it annoys me at first. I don’t “I don’t feel like partying today, but when I look at the painting, you can see me smiling inside. I congratulated my team for their performance, they didn’t do much.”
Florian Kohfeldt (VfL Wolfsburg coach): “It’s a huge thing for Cologne that they play in Europe again. And it’s a huge thing for us that we won this game. We had to work hard for it, it was a good and important victory away. Whether it’s deserved, let’s see, let’s face it. But we had the right mentality on the pitch.”

SpVgg Greuther Furth – Borussia Dortmund 1:3 (0:1)

Stefan Leitl (SpVgg trainer Greuther Furth): “It was emotionally difficult before the game. The last three and a half years still went through my head. It was extraordinary. We would have liked to say goodbye with a better result. It was a committed performance from my boys , but in the end that’s enough stop it.”
Marco Rose (Borussia Dortmund coach): “We struggled but kept calm. We controlled the game overall and deserved to win. . But I also saw some beautifully created objective things.”

TSG Hoffenheim – Bayer Leverkusen 2 : 4 (2 : 1)

Sebastian Hoeness (TSG Hoffenheim coach): “We can be very happy with the first half, we were very brave there. The game was much more open in the second half. From our point of view, it was very bitter at the end.”
Gerardo Seoane (Bayer Leverkusen coach): “We saw the handbrake applied in the first half. The second half was sensational. We looked for a much more direct route.”

SC Freiburg – Union Berlin 1:4 (0:3)

Christian Streich (Coach SC Freiburg): “Union was good straight away. They were brutally effective, we defended badly. It doesn’t work at this level, it’s unacceptable. I have to pick up the boys, I’m still upset. We were the worst team, Union absolutely deservedly won. We have to talk to each other seriously – and then we will go to Leverkusen.”
Urs Fischer (Coach Union Berlin): “It’s unbelievable. We’re sitting there qualifying for Europe for the second time, which I think is extraordinary. It was an unbelievably solid first half. It was very convincing, we were very effective .”

VfL Bochum – Arminia Bielefeld 2 : 1 (1 : 1)

Thomas Reis (VfL Bochum coach): “We didn’t take our chances and there were few chances in the second half. If you go 2-1 with the last move, that’s the whole season. We’re all proud today. It was just a great one season.”
Marco Kostmann (Arminia Bielefeld coach): “The guys are just as disappointed as me and the fans. We now depend on FC Bayern winning. It was a very fragile start for us, and our minds affected our bodies. We couldn’t calm down.”

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