5 things to do in High Isle

Bethesda brings you the new companion Spark, reports on the League of the Steadfast, and 5 things to do in High Isle.

Bethesda is back with another round of The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) News of the Week. The new companion Funke takes the start, after already Isobel Veloise has been presented.

Bethesda announces: “Following the recent introduction of new companion Isobel Veloise, here is the second new companion for High Isle: Funke. His innate talent for magic is undeniable and his boundless enthusiasm is contagious. If you take Spark as your new companion, she might bring some chaos to your daily adventure. You can find Spark on High Island near Tor Draioch, just north of Gonfalon.

Learn more about Isobel Veloise and Funke now.

Next up is the League of Unwavering. As always, there is also in high island again lots of reading material for anyone who wants to learn more about the traditions of this world. One of the stories you can find is the League of the Steadfast.

You can find this book and many other similar stories in the Systren Archipelago as you explore High Island and Amenos. You will also have the opportunity to work directly with the League of Unwavering. Expect to see it in the chapter high island delve deeper into the past and the culture of the Breton people? You can read more information here.

Finally, Bethesda lists five things you should have experienced in TESO.

5 things to do in High Isle

There’s so much to see and experience in the next chapter of High Isle. Here are five things you should definitely experience:

  • Work with other players to close volcanic vents to end this threat and preserve the beauty of the Systren Archipelago.
  • Dare whale fall and frees captives from the Whalefall Vault where humans are hunted for fun.
  • Hunt down the boss in the open world: Glémys Wildhor. But don’t try alone, look for allies.
  • Loot the ghost harbor bay – one of the two new open dungeons of Upper Island.
  • Treat yourself to a break and discover the many tourist sites, fauna and flora of the Systren archipelago. Especially the local Ornaugs are definitely worth a visit.

What other things do you think people should definitely check out in The Elder Scrolls Online? But beware, no spoilers!

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