Videos show a ship on fire: Ukraine claims to have hit the “Admiral Makarov” frigate.

Videos show ship on fire
Ukraine claims to have hit the frigate “Admiral Makarov”.

After the “Moskva”, did Ukraine again encounter a major Russian warship? At least that’s what the media say. As a result, the modern frigate “Admiral Makarov” was hit by rockets of the “Neptune” type and was now going to burn. The videos should prove it, there is no confirmation.

According to Ukrainian media, a Russian frigate caught fire in the Black Sea after rocket fire. The information was initially not officially confirmed either in Moscow or kyiv. However, the Ukrainian General Staff has already increased the number of allegedly sunken Russian ships by another to a total of eleven.

“The explosion followed by a fire occurred on board the frigate Project 11.356”, located near Snake Island, Odessa-based media reported. According to journalists, the frigate was hit by a Neptune anti-ship missile. Asked by reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “We have no information about this.”

The first reports of the alleged incident appeared on social media on Thursday. To support its report, presented a satellite photo from the night purporting to show the fire on the vessel. The authenticity of the image could not be independently verified. There are now several videos purporting to show a ship on fire. Twitter users write that the ship seen in the video matches the silhouette of “Admiral Makarov”. There are also reports that many Western reconnaissance aircraft were near the area where the burning vessel was last suspected.

The Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate is a new type of ship introduced to the Russian Armed Forces only since 2016. Currently there are three such frigates in the Russian Black Sea Fleet. It was not known exactly which ship it was.

In mid-April, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the missile cruiser Moskva, sank after a fire. According to Ukrainian information, the warship was also sunk by a “Neptune” rocket. Meanwhile, Russia is talking about an accident on board. The ship would have sunk in a storm.

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