Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 02:43 Pro-Russian blogger from Ukraine arrested in Spain +++

Ukrainian War in Live Ticker
+++ 02:43 Pro-Russian blogger from Ukraine arrested in Spain +++

In Spain, pro-Russian video blogger Anatoly Shary from Ukraine, wanted on an international arrest warrant, has been arrested. This was announced by Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova. She justified the arrest by saying the 43-year-old violated Ukrainian laws. The Attorney General’s Office does not prosecute anyone “solely because a person’s political views are inappropriate”. She did not give details of the allegations. According to the media, Schariy was released against registration conditions. kyiv now has 40 days to request his extradition. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison in his home country.

+++ 02:05 according to the report, the United States helped Ukraine to bomb the “Moskva” +++
According to media reports, information from US intelligence helped the Ukrainian military sink the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Moskva”. However, the US government had no knowledge of Ukraine’s plans, according to several US media outlets such as the Washington Post and New York Times, citing unnamed people with knowledge of the matter. At the request of the Ukrainian military, the United States identified the vessel as “Moskva” and helped locate it, broadcaster NBC News reports.

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+++ 01:25 Zelenskyj reiterates the demand for a Marshall plan for Ukraine +++
Despite massive Western financial support for Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky is sticking to his thoughts on some sort of Marshall Plan for his country after the war. The international donors’ conference in Warsaw, which a few hours earlier had raised just over six billion euros in support for kyiv, is “an element of our protection, an element of protection for all of Europe”, says Zelenskyj in his daily video address. The fate of Ukraine and Europe is now being decided “not only on the battlefield”, but also in the economic sphere, in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. However, the billions promised in Warsaw are “only part of what is really needed to restore normal life to the whole region where Russia has brought war”.

+++ 00:44 S&P pushes Belarus deeper into the junk zone +++
Rating agency S&P pushes its credit rating of Belarus even further into the junk zone. The credit rating of long-term foreign currency bonds will be reduced to “CC” from “CCC” with a continued negative outlook, S&P said. There is a risk that the documents will not be served. A further downgrade to “SD” (Selective Default/Partial Default) is possible in the coming months. The country is hit by Western sanctions linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

+++ 00:10 kyiv suspects that the Kremlin wants to conquer the steel plant by May 9 +++
According to the Ukrainian government, Russia wants to conquer the beleaguered steel mills in the port city of Mariupol by Monday. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said the Azovstal plant is expected to be captured on May 9, the 77th anniversary of the victory over Hitler’s Germany. “The greatest gift given to a leader is his opponent’s head. I clearly recognize the desire to conquer Azovstal and give ‘victory’ to Putin on May 9,” he told Unian. “They really want it, but let’s see if they can do it,” Arestovych said.

+++ 23:27 Ukrainians fear Russian landing operation near Odessa +++
The Ukrainian military believes a Russian landing operation on the Black Sea coast near the port city of Odessa is possible. According to a statement from the regional military directorate, Russian reconnaissance drones are increasingly flying over the area, reports the Ukrajinska Pravda newspaper. Additionally, the Russian Navy continues to have a strong presence off the Ukrainian-controlled coast. Residents have been urged to stay away from beaches and coastal safety zones. They should also avoid travel in small boats. At the same time, the population was invited to report suspicious activities.

+++ 10:42 p.m. Evacuation of Mariupol is underway according to UN Secretary General +++
According to the United Nations, another operation to evacuate hundreds of civilians is underway in the badly damaged Ukrainian port of Mariupol. This was confirmed by UN Secretary General António Guterres during a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York. He does not give details. “Our policy is not to discuss details until they are finalized so as not to jeopardize any potential success.” According to Ukrainian sources, around 200 civilians are still waiting in Mariupol to get out of a hard-fought steelworks.

+++ 22:07 EU considers sanctions against Putin’s lover +++
The European Union is considering the former Russian gymnast, according to Bloomberg magazine Impose sanctions on Alina Kabaeva. The 38-year-old is said to have had a secret relationship with Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin for many years. Kabaeva reportedly heads a holding company that owns shares in nearly every major Russian media outlet that broadcasts government propaganda. According to the report, representatives of EU countries have yet to vote on a possible sanction. A decision could be made as early as tomorrow, they say.

+++ 21:37 UN chief wants solution for Ukrainian grain production +++
Faced with food shortages caused by the war, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, wants to bring the country back to the world market. “A meaningful solution to global food insecurity requires the reintegration of agricultural production from Ukraine and food and fertilizer production from Russia and Belarus into world markets despite the war,” he said. António Guterres during a session of the UN Security Council. He will do his best to initiate a dialogue. Until the start of the war, Ukraine was one of the largest wheat producers in the world and a major corn producer.

+++ 21:09 Biden talks to Scholz +++
US President Joe Biden speaks again on the phone with Chancellor Olaf Scholz about Ukraine. This is announced by the White House in Washington. According to a statement from the German government, the two politicians agree that kyiv must continue to be supported. Biden announced on Wednesday that he would discuss with G7 partners further sanctions against Moscow in the coming days. Due to the Russian aggression war, the West has already imposed severe sanctions on Russia. Germany currently holds the presidency of the G7 and hosts the next summit in Bavaria at the end of June.

+++ 20:36 Scholz: Putin wanted to conquer all of Ukraine +++
Chancellor Olaf Scholz accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of ambitious conquest plans. “I’m sure Russia intended to conquer all of Ukraine in a short time,” he said in Berlin. It is therefore a great achievement for the Ukrainian army to have repelled the Russian invasion. But given Russia’s incredible use of the material, there is little hope that the war will end any time soon.

+++ 20:07 Ukraine: the Kremlin takes over the decimated units of the front +++
According to kyiv, the Russian army is still trying unsuccessfully to seize the towns of Popasna and Rubishne in the Donetsk region. The General Staff of the Ukrainian army also reported on Facebook a failed Russian attack near the village of Staryj Saltiv in the Kharkiv region. Additionally, Moscow had taken units of the 4th Panzer Division of the 1st Panzer Army and the 106th Airborne Division from the front due to high losses. According to the situation report, Russian mortar and artillery fire continued along almost the entire front line.

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