“The price is hot”: Harry Wijnvoord is back and everything is spinning

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So the retro wave didn’t stop at “The price is hot.” After 25 years, the legendary presenter Harry Wijnvoord was allowed to return to the limelight and in the new edition of his cult 1990s show on RTL he was able to delight the audience and let the contestants enjoy the prizes. The winner of the night was clearly Kevin, who was able to win a new chrome jewel and a “dream kitchen” to boot. The fact that the legendary infomercial was intermittently interrupted by advertising was once again a little irritating, but it still brought a little relief.

“I have been waiting for this moment for 25 years. I can again offer you magnificent prizes”, rejoiced Harry Wijnvoord at the start of his big comeback. After “Wetten, buddy?” or “Go!” also promoted his product show “The Price is Hot”, which was popular in the 1990s back on television. She made Dutch-born Wijnvoord and moderating partner Walter Freiwald, who died in 2019, popular in Germany. However, 25 years ago, Wijnvoord had to give up the show. The price-conscious man never completely disappeared after that, after all he was always seen in formats such as “Stars versus Stars”, the cooking show “Der Reis isthot” or with show dinosaurs like Karl Dall on the way to St. Petersburg. James. He also engaged as a horse auctioneer. And of course, as most of you will remember, the Dutchman had to fight his way through the wildlife of the Australian jungle in 2004. But only for a short time, as he left voluntarily.

The audience completely shrugs their shoulders

“The price is hot” is back on German television. Nostalgics could hardly believe their luck at the revival of the most famous infomercial. Where else would you come across such a rosewood back scratcher studded with lovingly crafted jewelry and thumbtacks, which, if you charge it in the sun for two minutes beforehand, can also be used to connect to the intranet specially programmed to communicate with other back scratchers -Exchanging monkeys? Only! Already the first prize, which had to be guessed on Wednesday evening at “The price is hot”, made the public gasp, which was already under high tension: a huge inflatable flamingo pool with drink holders and integrated cooler. A great thing!

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“You are my childhood hero”

Candidate Nadine, a little tense and restless, but also pleasantly bigoted, estimated it at 120 euros, for example, which made her the winner. Even before that, she looked like she always wanted an inflatable flamingo pool like this, with the cup holders and built-in cooler. “You are the hero of my childhood,” she said shortly before leaving Wijnvoord, who hosted in casual sneakers and by Adlatus Thorsten Schorn, who was also in “Because they don’t know what’s going on. pass” alongside Barbara since 2018 Schöneberger, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk have been supported. What makes “The price is hot” extremely interesting, of course: prices don’t always have to be estimated. Sometimes it is also necessary to assign them to products. Madness!

Useful digital acrobats in the public

Contestant Ariane was also terribly excited when it came to finding a prize for the fitness machine with special liquid (sic!). Repeatedly, she turned to the public, desperate and looking for help, who offered many options and called all the numbers endlessly. At 180 euros, Ariane’s estimate was only a hair’s breadth from the actual price of 170 euros, but it was higher. And the iron rule “The price is hot” of course, which everyone from the line worker to the general manager should know: you must never, ever outbid or you are automatically eliminated. Anne overstated the price and, as you can imagine, was completely desperate. Not so Reza, who had come all the way from Hamburg, who shortly after picked up audio sunglasses, a loudspeaker, two collapsible football goals which, according to the fuzzi Schorn ad, would still be on time for the World Cup, and a robot vacuum. Perhaps the happiest day of Reza’s life.

“Plinko! Plinko! Plinko!

Given the drunken conditions in the stands and the brightly colored carnival decor in the studio, the short commercial breaks in this infomercial provided some relief. For example, you could put your head in a black hole for five minutes, listen to some soothing whale songs on YouTube, or just drink some alcohol in verve before the audience again shouts “More!” aloud when reading “More or less”. Or less!” roared. Or Wijnvoord and Schorn clapped a purse and a fryer like Charlemagne’s crown. Marvin, who played “Plinko” not least thanks to the audience, who enthusiastically shouted “Plinko! Plinko! Plinko!” encouraged, could win a water bike, would never have traded it for Karl’s crown, as he beamed.

Kevin – the clearest of the evening

“Has the show been shit like this before?” asked someone from the younger generation, whose high expectations were apparently a little disappointed, on Twitter. The young reviewer probably couldn’t even appreciate the solar-powered windmill, whose blades, according to Schorn, would turn in the slightest breeze thanks to a ball bearing – an incredible asset. After the prize games, of course, the last round of the new edition of the “The wheel” format, which Freiwald used to always start with the words “Ladies and gentlemen…the wheel!” had been announced. This means: The winners of the prize games had to spin a wheel of fortune and, if it stopped at the number “100”, could win a car, which was actually the case for Kevin. He was also allowed to take home the “dream kitchen” he had previously dusted off with his new car.

Sascha misjudged the shoe deodorizer

“What is the typical pitch of a roof in Hamburg?” Wijnvoord asked candidate and roofer Tobias. “Flat roof,” he replied dryly, just before he could grab a smoker grill and a bar cart. Thorsten Schorn also hosted an automatic shoe refresh shortly before the final. The way new candidate Sascha presented himself, he could have used it soon enough. But Sascha thought very seriously that the automatic air freshener would only cost 49 euros. How could he?

The great but short finale

During the grand finale of the super prize, the three finalists Nicole, Marvin and Kevin received “a lot of beautiful things” such as an electric guitar, a swing and a tour of the United States, the prizes of which they had to estimate and add up. in their heads while – and this made things a little more difficult – Thorsten Schorn stammered about “things” without period or comma. “The total price we are looking for is 23,376 euros. You have both overbid and Marvin is too far,” Harry Wijnvoord said extremely short in the so-called grand finale, before his overlong infomercial, which must be aired twice. more this year, finished. “‘The Price is Hot’ with Harry Wijnvoord in the best of moods is just a great feel-good show. Kinda reminds me of Sunday’s ‘Bingo Bears’ on NDR,” someone tweeted. So: If you missed the first edition of the mythical format with Harry Wijnvoord and like bingo bears NDR: Don’t miss the next episode “The price is hot”! Everyone else: definitely skip it!

Bastian Pastewka and his colleagues.

The satirical show “Die Wochenshow” aired on Sat.1 from 1996 to 2002. In 2011 there was another revival of the show with veteran Ingolf Lück and a new cast. Bastian Pastewka, who played “Brisko Schneider” and “Ottmar Zittlau” among others, will turn 50 on April 4.

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